Laundry expert’s ice cube hack means you’ll never have to iron clothes again

A laundry pro has shared a clever hack which makes your clothes come out of the dryer completely crease free.

Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of the brand Laundryheap, recommended throwing some ice cubes in the machine when drying your clothing.

He explained that the heat generated by the dryer would melt the ice cubes and flood the drum with steam during the cycle.

This essentially turns your tumble dryer into a DIY steamer which smoothes out creases and results in freshly “ironed” clothes that you can chuck on straight from the machine.

It’s the perfect solution for anyone who hates slaving away over an ironing board for hours.

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The hack is similar to the lazy person’s steamer – i.e. hanging your clothes up in the bathroom while you take a shower.

However, due to the higher heat of the dryer it’s probably more effective.

If you’re wanting to try this hack at home then make sure that you don’t over fill the dryer.

The clothes need extra room to move around and be treated by the steam.

Once your dryer cycle is over you should have visibly crease-free clothes.

And, it takes just 10 minutes or less to get the desired results! Win!

In 2018, Good Morning America shared a video clip on their YouTube to demonstrate the effectiveness of the hack.

It took one bloke just three minutes to dry his shirt – and get it crease free – using the ice cube trick.

We’re trying this with our next bath of laundry.

Just make sure that you read the care label on any clothing you want to try this with as some fabrics aren’t suitable for putting in the dryer.

And, nobody wants to shrink their kid’s school uniform…

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