Lazy millenials who can’t make pancakes blamed for surge in demand for pre-made mix that creates tons of plastic waste – The Sun

LAZY millennials have been blamed for a surge in demand for pre-made pancake mix that creates tons of waste plastic.

Pancakes are “the easiest meal in the world” say chefs — made with flour, eggs and milk.

But £1 disposable “shakers” — with a small amount of pancake mix to which water is added and then poured into the pan — are in demand.

Youngsters who haven’t learnt to cook are fuelling sales at big supermarkets.

They are billed as an easy way of making "pronto pancakes with a flip and a fry".

But cooking experts have urged Brits to revive the tradition to make “tastier” pancakes and cut plastic waste.

Food expert Martin Isark said: “It’s lazy to use pancake mix — but youngsters might not realise the proper way is healthier, better for the environment and as easy as beans on toast.

“It used to be traditional for families to gather around the frying pan on Shrove Tuesday and flip pancakes together.

“But the tradition is dying out, probably because we're all so busy, and young people as a result aren't learning how to make them.

“Now supermarkets are trying to get people to buy into the event – and are selling it as super simple with these ready-made shaker products.

“These are wasteful and unnecessary, less healthy and don’t taste as good.”

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