LeBron James Begged Tristan Thompson To ‘Forget’ His Khloe Drama Ahead Of Cavs & Celtics Game

LeBron James wants to make sure Tristan Thompson’s head is focused solely on game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals and not his Khloe Kardashian drama. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details.

After getting pounded by the Boston Celtics 108-83 in game one of the NBA’s Eastern Conference finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers players need to really step up and give captain LeBron James, 33, some on-court help. That includes Tristan Thompson, 27, who needs to be focused on the road to the NBA championship and not any issues he might be having at home with baby mama Khloe Kardashian, 33. “LeBron wanted to make sure Tristan was 110% focused on going to war tonight with the Celtics so he gave his teammate a private pep talk in the locker room,” an NBA insider tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“LeBron made a plea to Tristan to forget the family drama that may be lingering with Khloe, or any other distractions in his personal life, and to ball hard to help the Cavs win this one game. LeBron made it clear to Tristan that this is an important time for Cleveland and his team needs him to step up huge if they want to get past the Celtics and to the NBA Finals. LeBron is putting a lot of pressure on Tristan to let go of any personal issues in his life and focus more than ever on delivering a quality game and being a solid teammate,” our insider adds.

Khloe seems to have forgiven Tristan for his alleged cheating scandal, even attending one of his playoff games on May 5 against the Toronto Raptors. Even if she might still have lingering feelings of anger about the betrayal, at least she’s being supportive of how important Tristan’s basketball career is to him and what a clutch time this is. The Cavs have a tough battle against the Celtics if they want to reach their fourth straight NBA final. Tristan had been benched for three games in the first round of the playoffs after his alleged cheating scandal broke, but showed steady improvement as the Cavs marched forward in the semfinals. He had eight points and 11 rebounds in 21 minutes of play in game one against the Celtics and got the start in game two on May 15. Tristan really needs his head in the game as he’s defending against all-star Al Horford, who put up 20 points and six rebounds against the Cavs in game one.

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