Lennon Stella Drops Stripped Down Visuals For ‘La Di Da (Acoustic)’: Watch Video

If you had the original ‘La Di Da’ stuck in your head, get ready for Lennon Stella’s sultry & stunning acoustic version of her fan-favorite, exclusively on HL.

Lennon Stella is going back to her roots, with just herself, her guitar and a quiet place to sing. Disney’s “Next Big Thing” has found her own star power as a solo artist, and HollywoodLife.com is excited to exclusively premiere the new video for “La Di Da (Acoustic).” The simple yet emotional video features Lennon sitting in a one-window attic on a small bed with her guitar in-hand. As she strums and sings, the camera pans the room and back to the 19-year-old, who is digging in to her always-impressive vocals.

The original video also has Lennon’s personal touch, featuring herself and her talented sister, Maisey, taking a drive while jamming out to the typically upbeat song. “‘La Di Da’ has quite a bit of weight to it. It’s cool because with the original version you kind of don’t realize it since the song is so fun and up tempo,” Lennon explained, exclusively to HollywoodLife.com. “When it’s stripped down like this you can really hear what the lyrics are saying and you feel the weight of the song in a totally different way.” The original “La Di Da” is on Lennon’s EP, Love, me, which also features her popular hits “Bad” and “Feelings.”

The singer described her sound, post-Nashville as “indie-pop” in an interview with HL back in September. “I have a lot of influences, so I kind of like all different things,” she explained. “The vocals will sound more like what I’ve always done and then having more of a pop track and different synths and things that make it sound more modern, but then my vocal will always sound super organic, just on top of a pop track.” In this stripped down version of “La Di Da,” we see that Lennon was absolutely right in her assessment of her sound — her voice is as rich, organic and heart-melting as ever. 

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