‘Lightseekers Awakening’ Card Review: Dolo The Mighty Is Amazing

If you plan on playing a Mountain “Lightseekers” deck, then you must absolutely get your hands on Dolo The Mighty.

Dolo The Mighty is one of five exclusive Lightseekers cards featured in the Lightseekers Awakening Mountain Starter Deck. From the six Lightseekers starter decks we’ve seen so far, Dolo The Mighty is arguably the most powerful Hero of them. Dolo The Mighty provides a starting life total of 31 and grants superior access to the Crystal element, with normal access to the Fire and Earth elements. It’s Dolo The Mighty’s ability which makes it such an amazing card though.

Dolo The Mighty’s ability allows you to “Take 2 damage. Draw 2 cards.” Trading life points for card advantage is incredibly powerful. We’ve seen this with other card games such as Magic: The Gathering where players will at first undervalue cards which exchange life for card advantage. Later on, those rares will end up being highly chased after. After playing Lightseekers for a few weeks, we can confirm that the same holds true for this game as well. When you compare the drawbacks of other Hero cards we’ve seen so far such as Treanu and Zuna, it becomes abundantly clear that Dolo The Mighty is a superior option.

The simplest way of mitigating the drawback of Dolo The Mighty is to play with other cards which reduce the amount of damage you take or that heal you. Mountain Fort is a fantastic example. This uncommon Buff reduces the amount of damage you review by its current rotation amount, which is by three on the first and second corners and by two on the third and fourth corners. Because Dolo the Mighty only deals two damage to you, Mountain Fort will reduce that down to zero unless your opponent controls a buff that prevents damage reduction. If you plan on playing a Dolo The Mighty Lightseekers deck, then picking up a playset of three Mountain Fort for your deck is a no-brainer.

There are several other cards from the Lightseekers Mountain Starter Deck that interact well with Dolo The Mighty. Enchanted Soil is rare but heals you for its rotation amount. It’s four corners are X, two, three, and three. That eight life will provide four activations of Dolo The Mighty. Crystal Maze is an uncommon Defend card which heals you for four and if any of your opponents attacked you last turn then they must discard the top card of their deck. Crystal Bat is a common Attack card which pulls double duty by dealing three damage to your adversary and healing you for three as well.

Dolo The Mighty is a Hero card that we keep coming back to play with again and again. If you haven’t already picked up the Mountain Starter Deck to obtain a copy of Dolo The Mighty then we highly suggest you do, or at least trade with someone else who has.

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