Lin-Manuel Miranda & Jimmy Fallon’s New Song Has The Most Hilarious Video

The song of the summer has arrived, and it’s probably not what you were expecting. But you’re going to love it anyway. On Friday, June 1, Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda debuted a goatee song. "Goatee Summer" is truly a modern masterpiece, and it’s the ode to facial hair and enjoying the sun that the world didn’t know it needed. How did this mash-up happen? That remains a mystery, but for now, just be grateful that Fallon shared this sure-to-be a hit song (with facial hair devotees, anyway) on his Instagram.

Fallon kicks off this homegrown music video by debuting his new goatee. He then muses, "That’s a pretty decent goat. Wish I had someone to share it with." And who rocks goatees better than pretty much anyone? Miranda, of course. The Hamilton star appears in the next scene, which finds him on a boat with Fallon. They then become "two goats in a boat." It truly is magical, and it only gets better from there.

Their harmonizing continues as they try to "think of senior quotes," wear their winter coats, and store their coats in totes. This is all followed by some synchronized paddle dancing. It’s weird, it’s wonderful, and once you hear it, you may end up humming it until October.

Hey, this may not be the new Miranda song you expected, but it’s the one you needed. Sometimes, it’s OK to embrace silliness. In fact, welcoming it into your life might just be one of the secrets to happiness — because there’s no denying those two talented guys look happy singing their goatee song while hanging out in a boat.

Fallon and Miranda’s song may not be heating up the charts anytime soon, but it already has Twitter talking. Thanks to its catchy hook, the song is already garnering attention on social media. Twitter user @ZattZartin tweeted, "Make this downloadable. Then take my money." Another user, @Nat_Tuck, tweeted, "That was such joy! Now I can’t stop singing it." The love for "Goatee Summer" is real, people.

As if releasing an irreverent song about goatees on the internet wasn’t enough, Miranda decided to put even more joy into the world by allowing his baby son’s toes to wish everyone a happy weekend. Together, Miranda and Fallon are making the internet a better place one joyful video at a time. Seriously, just try not to smile at these little toes.

Previously this week, Miranda shook the internet by revealing that he moved a couch during a scene in the first Sex and the City movie. Add in his new song with Fallon, and his triumphant baby toes video, and you have a trifecta of happiness. Who knows what the world did to deserve Miranda, but everyone should make a collective vow to never take him for granted.

The same goes for Fallon. The talk show host’s show usually serves up excellent interviews and genuine excitement from Fallon. Case in point? His 2015 interview with Miranda in which he had the Hamilton star freestyle rapping. In the segment, the singer had to come up with a rap based on three random words, and he totally nailed it, as you would expect.

It seems that Fallon and Miranda have remained friends since then, and their latest collaboration is proof that they create beautiful things together. Beautiful and funny, in fact. Any duo that comes up with lyrics this perfect should be treasured forever:

Now, if these two could just promise to rock their goats together forever, everything would be perfect.

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