Little Drummer Girl gush over the show as it hurtles towards a finale

‘Heart beating way too fast!’ Little Drummer Girl fans including Zoe Ball gush over the show as it hurtles towards a jaw-dropping finale – with Charlie finally meeting the terrorist mastermind

  • Charlie went even further undercover training at a Palestinian training camp
  • She is believed to be loyal to the cause taking part in a supposed bomb operation
  • In the closing scenes of the penultimate episode Charlie was taken in a van and met Khalil, the leader and mastermind of the cell
  • Show has picked up after being branded dull and confusing in early weeks  

After a somewhat confusing start for fans of the Little Drummer Girl, the spy thriller’s penultimate episode had viewers hotly anticipating the finale.

The BBC adaption of John le Carré’s novel of the same name took an exciting turn with many gushing over how excited they were to see if the team could bring the terrorist cell down with the help of Charlie.

Radical left-wing actress Charlie, played by Florence Pugh, was coerced to go undercover to help root out a terrorist named Khalil, responsible for bombing Jewish-related targets in Europe.

In the closing scenes of the penultimate episode she was seen getting in a blue van only to end up meeting the mastermind behind the entire cell who had been acting as her driver.

The moment had fans gushing over how good it was, with even presenter Zoe Ball tweeting: ‘Khallil? #LittleDrummerGirl so so good. Heart beating way too fast for this hour on a Sunday[sic].’

Charlie had gone even deeper undercover in the fifth episode, training at a Palestinian camp making weapons and bombs

In the closing scenes of the penultimate episode Charlie came face-to-face with the mastermind terrorist she had been enlisted to bring down 

Viewers gushed over the closing scenes of the episode which saw the terrorist mastermind revealed in the climatic moment

‘That was fantastic. So glad I stuck with it. Can’t wait for the finale next week,’ said one.

‘#LittleDrummerGirl is truly gripping. Well worth sticking with,’ added another.

‘Oooo so tense can’t wait for the last episode,’ said a third as another viewer said the show was ‘scary suspenseful’.

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Last week saw Charlie interrogated at gunpoint, then kidnapped in Beirut and thrown into the boot of a car to be taken to meet shadowy figure Fatmeh (Lubna Azabal), who seemed to wield more control over the terrorist cell than anyone had guessed. 

This week Charlie was taken to a militia camp for Western volunteers in Lebanon where she underwent gruelling training in weapons and guerrilla tactics and began to sympathise with their cause. 

Charlie had her loyalty tested during training in the Palestinian camp, making sure to prove herself by getting someone else who suspected her killed

She is deep undercover as part of the task force determined to bring down the terrorist cell set during the eighties

The closing scenes of the penultimate episode were extremely tense with viewers on the edge of their seats ahead of the finale

However, an American recruit who had been declared unfit to fight started to suspect that she was a spy, and she was forced to consider killing him to save herself – securing her position as loyal to the Palestinian cause.

In the final scenes Charlie was picked up in a blue van by a mystery driver.

His identity was revealed in the final seconds when she was led into the woods and met none other than Khalil, the leader of the Al-Khader terrorist cell who she was meant to take down.

The Little Drummer Girl finale airs on Sunday, BBC One at 9pm 

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