Long Lost Family viewers left ‘sobbing’ at reunion

Long Lost Family viewers left ‘blubbing’ as woman is reunited the adoptive mother who took her baby in when she was a penniless teenager – for the first time in FIFTY years

  • In Long Lost Family: What Happened Next two mothers reunited after 50 years
  • Australian Kate Mitchell asked Betty Winchester to adopt her baby daughter
  • The couple soon moved back to England didn’t see each other for decades
  • Tonight Kate had the opportunity to thank Betty for taking in her baby
  • The scenes left viewers emotional, with one saying they were ‘blubbing’

Viewers were left ‘blubbing’ after watching the emotional reunion of a former teenage mother and the woman she gave her baby to on Long Lost Family. 

Kate Mitchell was just 17 years old, penniless and living in a hostel in her native Adelaide, Australia when she asked Betty Winchester to adopt her baby.

British-born Betty her husband John had employed Kate as a nanny for their own children and later adopted her child Deborah Ozturk, before moving back to the UK.

The two women lost touch and Deborah, now 52, didn’t meet her birth mother until she was 50 years old in 2016.

And during Monday night’s episode, the two mothers were finally reunited after more than 50 years, as Kate offered her tearful thanks to Betty for raising her child. 

In Long Lost Family: What Happened Next, Kate Mitchell reunited with Betty Winchester, the woman she gave her baby up to when she was just 17-years-old

The scenes left viewers in tears, with one saying they were ‘blubbing’ after watching the emotional reunion. 

In 2016 Deborah had tracked Kate down for the first time, and in tonight’s episode she wanted both of her mothers to meet.

Kate flew in from Australia where she was still living, and her reunion with Betty was emotional from the start.

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The two women threw their arms around each other as Kate thanked Betty for what she’d done.

She said: ‘It means so much to be that I left Deb with the right person, and I can’t ever thank you enough. Thank you so, so much.’

The scenes left viewers in tears, with one saying they were ‘blubbing’ at the emotional reunion

But Betty was just as grateful, and thanked Kate for giving her her daughter a happy childhood. 

‘You thank me by giving me such a lovely daughter,’ she said. 

Viewers said they were left ‘in tears’ at their reunion, with many taking to Twitter to discuss the emotional moment.

One tweeted: ‘Seeing Deborah’s two mums sitting together. the love between these three women are just amazing. yes, i am trying not to cry right now xx.’

Kate (left) had the opportunity to thank Betty (centre) for looking after her daughter (right) and the trio shared an emotional moment during tonight’s episode

She admitted that she didn’t have any more children as she always felt guilty about giving her first baby away

‘Sobbing at Long Lost Family yet again. Every time!’ another posted.

A third: ‘This programme still chokes me, Lovely to see the follow ups on them.’

‘What a absolutely gorgeous, heart warming ending. I’m in floods here,’ another said. 

Kate had decided to give her baby up because of her circumstances and wanted to give Deborah the life she knew she couldn’t offer her.

In 2016 Kate was reunited with her daughter Deborah, who was raised by Betty and her husband John

Deborah wanted to find her birth mother when her son went through heart surgery at just eight-months-old, and she realised what it must feel like to lose a child

Betty and John, who already had children of their own when they took Deborah in, allowed Kate to visit her daughter, but after 14 month she decided it would be best for the baby to grow up with just one mother and they didn’t see her again.

Kate had a difficult upbringing, and after she had two failed adoptions herself she wanted to make sure her own baby was placed with a good family. 

But she never had any more children because of the guilt she felt for giving up her first baby.

‘I didn’t really feel I would make a good mother. How could a mother give her child away?’ she said. 

The women have spoken to each other every day since they reunited on last year’s show 

Deborah and Kate hadn’t seen each other since their reunion because of the huge distance between them

Deborah always knew she was adopted, but didn’t know her parents knew Kate when they took her in.  

Deborah tracked her down through Long Lost Family in 2016 as sadness in her own family life made her determined to connect with as many relatives as possible.

Her eldest son has Down’s Syndrome and had to have heart surgery when he was just eight-months-old.

She said: ‘It was just one of the most awful times of my life. The thought you might lose your child that feeling of just pure dread. She had to give me away, it must have been so hard for her. That’s when I wanted to look for her.’

Betty said she always worried about what happened to Kate over the years after they lost touch

Long Lost Family: What Happened Next catches up with families who have been reunited over the show’s history

Kate was shocked that her daughter actually wanted to meet her, as she had always been wracked with guilt for giving her up. 

Deborah revealed that she didn’t feel any resentment to her birth mother for giving her up, and instead thought Kate was brave for making such a difficult choice for her child.

She continued: ‘I think she’s carried that pain and that guilt with her and now with the more time we spend together, the more she gets to know me and her grandsons, I think shes started to forgive herself.’ 

Long Lost Family: What Happened Next is now available on ITV hub

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