Louis Tomlinson Releases New Music Video For ‘Two Of Us’ & It’s a Tear Jerker — Watch

After he moved fans to pieces with his initial ‘Two Of Us’ video dedicated to his friend Richard, Louis Tomlinson released the official visual for the track on May 16.

Louis Tomlinson’s stunning song, “Two Of Us,” has received new life. After the former One Direction member dropped a heartwarming homemade video for the track on April 24, he released the official video three weeks later, on May 16. As soon as the black and white clip hit the internet, the 27-year-old singer’s most dedicated fans showered it some love. “@Louis_Tomlinson OMGGGGG I FUCKING LOVE YOUR MUSIC VIDEO FOR YOUE NEWEST SONG TWO OF US AND I LOVE YOU MORE THEN THE SONG!!!!!!!,” one Twitter user wrote, while another added, “Thank you writing Two Of Us and sharing with us both #TwoOfUsMusicVideo. That song is SPECIAL to me & fixs my sad heart.”

The moving song holds no shortage of touching lyrics. “So I will keep you, day and night, here until the day I die//I’ll be living one life for the two of us//I will be the best of me, always keep you next to me//I’ll be living one life for the two of us//Even when I’m on my own, I know I won’t be alone,” Louis croons on the track. Someone grab the tissues!

The release comes two weeks after Louis made a shocking revelation: a 1D reunion isn’t entirely off the table. The now solo singer revealed in a new interview with ODE Entertainment that a band comeback is definitely going to happen at some point. Knowing that the question over whether the band would return was coming, Louis cheekily said, “Believe me I’ve heard this question before.” Then he continued, “Yeah, I do think it’ll happen. And I’d certainly have something to say about it if it didn’t. But I think it’s inevitable.” While we might have to wait a while for this, we are so ready for when it happens. For now — we’ll be watching Louis’ new video on repeat!

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