Low calorie ice creams only contain as much protein as a chocolate bar

Revealed: How low-calorie ice creams are marketed as high protein to lure healthy eaters – but only contain as much as a KIT-KAT

  • Ice creams such as Halo Top are marketed as healthier versions of full-fat tubs
  • But Supershoppers reveals they contain as much protein as normal ice-cream
  • A Kit-Kat, Galaxy and Cadbury Flake bar contain as much or more protein too 

Trendy low-calorie ice creams that claim to be high in protein actually contain the same amount of the nutrient as a chocolate bar, an investigation has revealed.

The favourite treats of fitness fanatics, ice creams by brands such as Halo Top are marketed as healthier alternatives as they are lower in sugar and calories and contain plenty of muscle-building protein.

But nutritionist Nichola Ludlam-Raine told Channel 4’s Supershoppers that a full-fat tub of ice cream contains a very similar amount of protein per serving as the lighter versions. 

In fact, a tub of low-calorie ice cream often contains a similar amount of protein or less than a Kit-Kat, Flake or Galaxy chocolate bar. 

Halo Top claims its ice creams such as Vanilla Bean (left) are high protein – but an investigation has found that a bar of chocolate contains more. WheyHey Chocolate Ice Cream (right) lives up to its high protein label but it still contains a similar amount to a Cadbury Flake

How much protein does low-calorie ice cream have compared to other treats?

Halo Top Vanilla Bean: 3.9g per 100ml or 4.6g per serving

Perfect World Caramel And Pecan Ice Cream: 3.1g per 100g 

Wheyhey Chocolate Ice Cream: 8.5g per 100ml

Kit-Kat: 6.7g per 100g 

Flake bar: 8.1g per 100g 

Galaxy chocolate: 6.7g per 100g

Nichola told co-presenter Sabrina Grant: ‘It’s clever marketing because healthy ice creams and regular ice creams are made from a natural source of protein which is mainly milk. 

‘Some do provide 4g to 5g of protein per serving – however it’s really similar to regular ice creams.’

Halo Top’s Vanilla Bean contains 4.6g of protein per serving, and 3.9g per 100ml.

Perfect World’s vegan Caramel and Pecan Ice Cream contains 3.1g per 100g.

Meanwhile both a Kit-Kat and a Galaxy chocolate bar contain 6.7g of protein per 100g.

A Cadbury Flake bar contains even more with 8.1g per 100g. 

Only low-calorie WheyHey chocolate ice cream contains more, with 8.5g per 100ml, due to its added whey protein content.

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Perfect World’S Caramel Pecan ice cream, which does not claim to be high  in protein, contains 3.1g of protein per 100g. A Nestle Kit-Kat on the other hand contains 6.7g per 100g

Nichola explained that healthy eaters shouldn’t try to get their daily intake of protein from these low-calorie treats.

She said: ‘Most people are getting enough protein from their day-to-day diet. 

‘Eat ice cream because it tastes really good for a dessert and get protein from lean meats, beans eggs and milk.’

Nichola added that the low-calorie ice creams are a good option as they contain less added sugars.

However she warned shoppers not to be fooled into thinking they are a health food.

She said: ‘From a health point of view, the healthier ice creams have less added sugar, so are kinder to teeth and waistlines. 

‘Some have added fruit and nuts, which means added nutrients. 

‘I wouldn’t eat them because they are healthier though, I’d eat them because they have less added sugar and less calories than regular ice cream. 

‘But regular ice cream is a-okay in moderation.’  

FEMAIL has contacted brands for comment. 

Supershoppers will air on Channel 4 at 8pm on Thursday. 

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