Luke Perry Has Passed Away At The Age Of 52

Luke Perry has passed away at the age of just 52. His death comes less than a week after the Riverdale star suffered a massive stroke.

Today (Monday, March 4, 2019) has not been a day for very much good news. This morning, we woke up to the news that Prodigy lead singer Keith Flint passed away at the age of just 49. Hours later, we have now been hit with another celebrity death as Luke Perry, star of Beverly Hills 90210 and Riverdale has died at 52.

While the cause of Perry’s death has understandably not been reported this soon, it is likely linked to the health issues he has been having for the past week. Last Wednesday, it was revealed that the Fifth Element star had suffered from a massive stroke. Just five days later the world has been hit with the news of his death.

Perry’s publicist Arnold Robinson revealed in a statement that the star’s family and friends were around him when he passed. Among them were his two children, his fiancée, and also his mother and step-father. The entertainment world is naturally in mourning and friends of Perry’s, as well as stars he has worked with over the years, have been taking to social media in droves to pay tribute.

Ryan Seacrest and Molly Ringwald are just two of the actors to have paid tribute to Perry, the latter labeling herself “heartbroken” upon hearing the news of her friend’s passing. Riverdale‘s writers also took to Twitter to praise the work of the late actor. Perry has starred on the show since its inception and since the rest of season three has already been filmed, will likely continue to do so.

As touched upon above, an extremely sad day for the entertainment industry. Perry is an actor known by TV fans of all ages due to the two roles he is most well known for. Us older fans know him for his rise to stardom for Beverly Hills Cop 90210 while younger fans have been watching his work more recently in Riverdale. He will be sorely missed and our hearts go out to his closest friends and family at this time.

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