Lyst reveals the top 10 MOST coveted products in the world

The world’s most lusted after fashion items, including a Prada bucket hat and a Hermes bag, are revealed in latest Lyst index – so, how many do YOU own?

  • Lyst has announced fashion’s hottest brands and products in quarterly index 
  • London-based search platform revealed Gucci has beaten likes of Nike and Dior 
  • Brand is resonating with digital audiences and demand from online shoppers 
  • The North Face x Gucci GG canvas bomber jacket is world’s hottest product 

Gucci is currently the world’s hottest brand after beating high-fashion brands including Dior and Louis Vuitton to the top spot on Lyst’s quarterly Index.  

According to London-based search platform, the luxury Italian fashion house has benefited from strong demand from online shoppers and the ability to create moments that resonate with digital audiences, ahead of its 100th year.

They cited that a snap of Lady Gaga and Adam Driver on the set of the forthcoming, unaffiliated movie House of Gucci helped to generate a buzz. 

The research found that the hottest women’s product in the world is currently the monogram jacket from The North Face x Gucci collection. 

Combining Gucci’s distinctive motif with The North Face’s recent momentum resulted in the item flooding Instagram and instantly selling-out – and resellers subsequently asked up to five times its original price. 

Meanwhile, Nike managed to scoop the second spot and Dior entered the Lyst Index for the first time this quarter, in third place.   

Gucci has been revealed as the world’s hottest fashion brand, with their canvas jacket released in collaboration with The North Face ranked as the hottest women’s product this season (pictured)

A Hermès pre-owned Kelly bag (pictured left) is the second most desired women’s product, followed by the Bottega Veneta Lug boot (pictured right)

Nike achieved second place partly because of the seasonal demand for fitness wear, but also by making headlines with releases such as the first hands-free shoes. 

The Go FlyEase racer, designed for adaptive athletes, found broad appeal and ranked 7th among the Lyst Index’s hottest products.  

To compile its results, the search platform filtered more than eight million items by volume of social media mentions, searches, page views, interactions and sales across thousands of online stores.  

Lyst is used by more than 150 million people each year to browse, discover and buy items from 12,000 brands and stores. Their formula also takes into consideration global demand per volume of stock available. 

Adidas YEEZY 450 sneakers (pictured) topped the Lyst Index’s hottest men’s product of the quarter 

Moncler Gui vest (pictured left) is the second hottest men’s product, followed by the Prada logo bucket hat (pictured right)

The Lyst Index Q1 2021


1. Gucci

 2. Nike

3. Dior

4. Balenciaga

5. Moncler

6. Prada

7. Louis Vuitton

8. Bottega Veneta

9. Saint Laurent

10. Off-White 

11. Versace 


13. Fendi 

14. Valentino 

15. Alexander McQueen 

16. Loewe 

17. Givenchy 1

18. Jacquemus

 19. Balmain 

20. Stone Island 



1. The North Face x Gucci GG canvas bomber jacket

2. Hermès pre-owned Kelly bag

3. Bottega Veneta Lug boot

4. Prada re-edition 2005 nylon bag

5. The Attico Devon mules

6. Prada satin headband

7. Nike Go FlyEase racer

8. Adidas x Ivy Park monogram bucket hat

9. Rolex pre-owned 40mm Submariner

10. Nensi Dojaka asymmetric mini dress


1. Adidas YEEZY 450 sneakers

2. Moncler Gui vest

3. Prada logo bucket hat

4. Nike Dunk Low sneakers

5. Arc’teryx Beta AR jacket

6. Brunello Cucinelli button-down denim shirt

7. Patagonia Classic Retro-X fleece jacket

8. Salomon XT-Wings 2 Advanced sneakers

9. Burton Edgecomb jacket

10. Rick Owens Geobasket sneakers

The results interestingly found that Nike’s most talked-about moment came at the end of the quarter, when  the sportswear giant took a legal stance against MSCHF and rapper Lil Nas X’s unauthorised ‘Satan’ sneakers.  

According to Lyst, the episode raised some interesting questions about how consumers interact with – and remix – products and brands. It is also gives a reminder of how unplanned moments can dominate the headlines for companies strongly embedded in culture.

The results of the quarterly index show there are signs of consumer optimism following the vaccine roll-out and anticipated opening-up in many market with pent-up demand for items beyond lounge wear. 

Global fashion shopping platform Lyst had previously excluded Dior from the ranking because of its distribution model, however the demand for pre-owned goods has made an impact. 

Louis Vuitton also entered for the first time this quarter, despite limited distribution through Lyst.

Kylie Jenner (pictured) and Hailey Bieber are leading the demand for Attico’s Devon mules, which are currently the 5th hottest women’s product

Hailey Bieber (pictured) teamed Attico’s Devon mules with an all-black outfit including a Bottega Veneta weave pouch

Lyst has seen a 163 per cent increase in demand for heels and 222 per cent increase in demand for dresses quarter-on-quarter. 

The Attico’s Devon mules, worn by celebrities including Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber, are the fifth hottest women’s product, while Nensi Dojaka’s influencer-approved strappy dress takes 10th place. 

Meanwhile, demand for pre-owned Hermès bags has risen by 430 per cent, with the famous Kelly model particularly sought-after. 

Viewed as both an investment and a classic statement to elevate a variety of outfits, demonstrated by influencers including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Camille Charrière, the big-ticket bag is the 2nd hottest women’s product.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (pictured) and Camille Charrière have been snapped with the 2nd hottest women’s product, Hermès Kelly bag

Pre-owned luxury watches have also been in demand, with searches rising by 47 per cent. 

Notably, female shoppers have been interested in larger sizes – traditionally marketed at men – and Rolex’s 40mm Submariner takes 9th place in the women’s products list.

Bridget Mills-Powell, who is the Content Director at Lyst said: ‘The things shoppers have been browsing, saving and buying in the Lyst app suggest an imminent return to going-out wear.

‘Sweats have seen us through the past year, but many fashion-lovers are now looking to set aside the sweatpants and rediscover the joy of dressing up. 

‘In the fashion industry, we’re seeing a spirit of openness and togetherness, with many brands collaborating. Influencers are raising the profile of newer designers like Nensi Dojaka, whose strappy dress appears in The Lyst Index.

‘Cultural moments like Amanda Gorman’s role in the presidential inauguration inspired fashion lovers with her poetry and Prada ensemble. It’s exciting to see optimism making a comeback.’ 

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