Madison Beer Jack Gilinsky Back Together Rumors, VMAs Party

Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky‘s breakup was messy, to say the least. In July 2017, audio footage of the 21-year-old verbally abusing/slut-shaming the 19-year-old leaked, but BFF Jack Johnson let everyone know that Mads was actually equally as abusive. Needless to say, the celebs’ relationship was toxic AF and it was better for everyone that they stay apart.

While there were rumors that Madison and Jack hung out about a month after the leak, they basically steered clear of each other and continued living their separate lives. Now, however, it appears that the former couple made up, as they were spotted hanging out at the same party after the 2018 VMAs. JG has also allegedly been liking a bunch of pictures of his ex on Instagram.

The “Dead” singer posed for a picture with a fan and the Jack & Jack crooner could be seen in the background.

So, what does this mean? Many fans are speculating that Madison and Jack are back together, especially since the brunette beauty recently split from longtime boyfriend Zach Bia.

Mad was, however, spotted looking pretty darn cozy with a mystery man just last week, so it’s hard to tell for sure what the heck is going on between the exes.

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