Man Accused Of Having Sex With Horse Claims Animal Gave Consent By Winking At Him

After the notorious Enumclaw case, it’s a surprise that incidents like this still happen. However, the health and legal risks of bestiality did not stop 31 year-old Daniel Webb-Jackson.

In January, Webb was arrested for breaking into a stable in New South Wales. A trainer had noticed several disturbances in the month prior, and set up cameras to keep an eye on the horses. On January 22, Daniel Webb-Jackson was spotted on the CCTV cameras. He was seen opening several stalls, and knelt in one when police arrived. Officers apprehended him after a brief altercation.

He was taken to the Grafton police station, where he was questioned about his intentions with the horses. During this interrogation, Webb admitted to the act of bestiality with a horse. According to The Daily Examiner, the man claimed the horse had given consent. He told police that she nosed his groin and ‘winked’ at him, thus consenting to the acts. He then violated the horse and had her perform fellatio on him.

The horse, a two year-old filly, was being trained to race. However, her trainer says she is no longer fit to appear on the track. Her behavior changed drastically after the ordeal, going from quiet and calm to “highly-strung.”

“The filly went from being quiet to just being highly strung, she changed in 24 hours. We had to put her in the paddock to try and get her head right,” the trainer said. “You don’t want to see this sort of thing happening, it’s really sick stuff.”

Bestiality is illegal in Wales, and has been since 1558. According to Magistrate Karen Stafford, Webb violated the animal cruelty act by orally and digitally penetrating the horse.

Daniel Webb-Jackson plead not-guilty to the animal cruelty charge, but was found guilty and sentenced accordingly. He was given ten months jail-time, with a non-parole period of four months. He is eligible for release next week, but he will be facing a $700 fine once he is freed.

The current status of the filly is unknown. Her trainer claims she was left “traumatized” by the incident, and she is still recovering.

In the United States, bestiality is only legal in six of the fifty states. It is either a misdemeanor or a felony in the rest, and can be punished with jail-time and fines. Hawaii, Kentucky, and West Virginia, states in which bestiality is technically legal, are currently working on criminalizing the act.

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