Man invents completely useless and unnecessary things just for kicks

With all these bizarre creations, we just had to talk to Matt, the brains behind it all.

‘They are all made for fun at this point,’ he tells

‘I have my unnecessary bookcase at my office where each invention goes to retire.

‘My mind somehow just operates that way and I am always coming up with new ideas to create.

‘I also fan-submit new ideas on Instagram as well, so every few inventions is created from a fan submission when it is just too good not to make. The AirSticks (chopsticks that hold AirPods) are one of my favourites as it’s what kicked off the entire project to explore a different side of creativity.’

It takes Matt anywhere from a few hours to a few days to make an invention. He uses 3D printing, sewing, mould making, and more to bring them from just ideas in his head to physical products.

Matt’s hilarious captions on the Unnecessary Inventions Instagram page also delight his 30,000 followers.

On the image of his FingerBeanies, Matt writes: ‘Get rid of those cold fingertips when you are out and about! Slip one of these cosy beanies over each finger and avoid dangerous frostbite. Sorry for the repost – I had these on and accidentally deleted the last post’.

Here are some other of Matt’s inventions:

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