This Manhattan Penthouse Comes With A Trip To Outer Space

If you’re thinking about asking twice as much for the luxurious condo you’re trying to sell, maybe it’s a good idea to offer something out of the ordinary.

According to NBC, this condo has been on the market for five years due to its exorbitant price, but Daniel Neiditch, the multimillionaire owner, is sure he has a great perk! He’s so confident that the 15,000 square foot house is for sale for $85 million. An extravagant price even for those who can afford a really expensive house.

Located at 42nd St. and 12th Ave, in Manhattan, the condo is looking for a buyer who is also willing to do some renovations. Yes, for $85 million dollars you also have to restore it. For us, no need for renovations!

But the owner doesn’t want to negotiate the price, so he decided to offer some incentives to buyers. Those who decide to buy will gain two seats, worth $500,000 dollars, at the upcoming Virgin Galactic space flight.


And if you think that the owner’s generosity ends here, think twice. Buyers also get to receive two Rolls-Royce Phantoms and a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. Are you already interested in spending a ton of money to buy a house? Let us make things even more interesting! A 75-foot yacht is included, along with the docking fees. The price of this perk, just $1 million dollars. Feeling overwhelmed? The buyer is also lucky enough to get a free stay in Daniel’s mansion in the Hamptons, which is something that costs $350,000 a season.

It seems that the owner prefers to have all this work, instead of just lowering the price. “What else?” you might ask. Well, there are courtside seats to the Brooklyn Nets, worth $225,00 dollars included, a live-in butler, weekly dinners for two from the Michelin Star chef Daniel Boulud for a whole year, and a private chef at home. It is better than Christmas!

Neiditch, who is the president of River 2 River, is hopeful that all of this will be enough to catch some buyers, but experts in this kind of matter think it is not enough to convince rich buyers.

When you are rich enough to spend $85 million, it is not a trip to outer space that is going to convince you — the same goes for a pair of Rolls-Royce Phantoms or a nice yacht. We don’t think Daniel will be successful, but we have to admit he knows how to spoil someone!

It is an expensive place, but who knows some multimillionaire falls in love with it and is willing to pay that much cash. Let’s hope he falls in love with the yacht, the cars, and the Hamptons too!

And, more important than anything, let’s hope he finds a free trip to outer space captivating enough.


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