Matt Damon’s ‘Heart Goes Out’ To BFF Ben Affleck Amid Rehab Stay — He Knows He Will ‘Beat His Demons’

Seeing Ben Affleck return to rehab has left Matt Damon heartbroken. We’ve EXCLUSIVELY heard that Ben’s BFF has reached out to his bud, and despite this setback, knows Ben will ‘thrive’ again soon.

Matt [Damon, 47] has reached out with support to his dear friend,” a source close to Matt shares EXCLUSIVELY with, days after Matt’s Good Will Hunting co-star and BFF, Ben Affleck, 46, returned to rehab. “Matt told Ben that he supports his health one hundred and ten percent. He also let Ben know that he will do whatever he needs to help Ben get through this challenging time.

“Matt has a lot of love for his friend Ben and his heart goes out to him, his kids and his whole family,” the source told In spite of this latest setback – Ben entered rehab for the third time on Aug. 22, after his estranged wife Jennifer Garner, 46, staged an intervention – Matt is confident that his friend will get back on his feet and get a control over his addiction. “Matt knows how strong Ben is and is confident that Ben will triumph, beat his demons, and get back to living and thriving again soon.”

Ben really doesn’t have a choice in the matter, not if he wants to see his kids — Violet, 12, Seraphina, 9, and son Sam, 6 – ever again. With reports claiming that he’s “on the fence” about rehab, a source close to Jen EXCLUSIVELY told that she’s made it clear to him that “leaving rehab is not an option right now, for him or for the kids.” Ben’s soon-to-be ex-wife is tired of picking up the pieces after him, and “it’s time for him to get a grip on it for once and for all.”

Supposedly, Ben and Jen had finalized their divorce right before he entered rehab. The couple split in 2015 and filed the divorce docs in 2017. However, the final settlement will be filed within the court once Ben finishes his stint in rehab. That mean Ben and Jen might remain married for a little while longer. Ben “really does want to be sober” this time, and a source close to him EXCLUSIVELY told us that he’s finally “became aware of the hurt” his drinking has caused his loved ones, including Matt. It seems this time, Ben might give his all to get and stay sober.

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