Matt From ‘Bachelor: LTYH’ Says There’s More To Come From He & Rudi After Their Breakup

Rudi and Matt may not have made it to The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart‘s final performances, but they’re still planning to make some beautiful music together. After their breakup, Matt tweeted that there’s "more to come" from team #Mudi, even though their relationship didn’t last.

"I am so deeply sorry if I let you guys down," he wrote following he and Rudi’s exit from the show. "Thank you so much for accepting Rudi and I into your lives! And for all the love you have shown us! Much more to come! Mudi shall play on I promise."

Rudi, meanwhile, kept her post-breakup tweet simple, writing only, "Damn. I’m really sad rn ngl," she wrote on Twitter. (She did, however, promise a fan that she’ll still sing some Whitney Houston to make up for not performing "Saving All My Love For You" on the show.)

Matt’s desire to continue collaborating with Rudi isn’t too surprising, as he’s frequently praised her talent throughout the competition. "Rudi is so incredibly talented," he said during his exit interview. In fact, Matt also tearfully revealed that the thing that most upset him about his decision to leave the show was that he was denying the world another performance from Rudi.

"[Performing with Rudi is ] by far the best feeling I’ve ever had on a stage," Matt wrote on Instagram on May 12, shortly after their performance of "Shallow" aired on TV. "I couldn’t be more proud of you and would have never been able to do this all without you." He also shared a video of their performance the following day, writing that Rudi "did Lady Gaga proud" onstage. "I can’t watch this without getting choked up," he continued. "I’m in absolute awe of you every time we perform. Thank you for being who you are."

Only time will tell whether or not Matt and Rudi’s musical collaboration will result in a romantic reunion — or if #Mudi is keeping it strictly professional from here on out.

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