McDonald’s fan shares ‘secret menu’ hack that is all the rage in her hometown

A McDonald's regular has given a video demonstration of a "secret menu" hack which she claims is so popular where she's from that everybody does it.

In the video, made by TikTok user Maddie Goetz, she explains what you have to buy at Maccies and how to assemble the extreme burger.

In the clip, she says that "everyone from my town knows this" but she doesn't think the rest of the world has been introduced to the recipe – a McChicken, McDouble, and fries burger with hot sauce.

Showing the recipe at home, she first opens up the McDouble burger and places the McChicken burger inside.

Then, showing off her "own invention", she adds a layer of fries.

Topping off the monster-sized burger chip butty, she adds a generous lashing of hot sauce.

Maddie then takes a gigantic bite and gets mayonnaise and pickle on her nose.

"Mmm!" she says, while a man laughs in the background.

The video was watched more than 2.6 million times on TikTok where some people suggested you could order the item ready-made as part of the rumoured "secret menu".

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"It’s on the secret menu all you have to do is ask for a McFriendly," commented a viewer.

Some fans also said they had heard of it referred to as the "McGangBanger".

"McBanger is what its called," added another person.

"The McChicken McDouble combo is a must but not with the third bun, said a critic.

Another added: "I’m from Newcastle in the UK and we do this! It's a hangover cure!"

This comes after a McDonald's worker shared the "secret" of how they prepare onions – with the root vegetable looking like "porridge" in a behind-the-scenes video.

And another Maccies colleague explained how they make their eggs with a clip that amazed social media users.

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