McDonalds loyalty scheme axed and customers don’t have long to claim freebies

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    McDonald's has confirmed a shocking shake-up to its well-loved loyalty scheme where fans could receive a free hot drink.

    The fast food chain is set to axe its popular coffee stamp scheme in favour of a new rewards system, leaving hot drinks fans needing to spend more in order to enjoy their free cup of Joe.

    McDonald's announced the shake-up last week and fans do not have long left to claim their freebies.

    But why has the scheme been axed and when will the free hot drinks no longer be available? Here's everything you need to know.

    Why has the McDonald's loyalty scheme been axed?

    McDonald's has unveiled a huge overhaul to its stamp-based rewards scheme, as the fast food chain plans to ditch the stamp collecting service to make way for a new wider points system.

    The news is sure to leave hot drink lovers disappointed as they will now have to spend more money to get a freebie.

    Under the current scheme, those buying a large cappuccino would need to spend £10.45 before securing a free beverage.

    When will the coffee loyalty scheme end?

    The coffee loyalty scheme as we know it will end on October 31.

    From this date, thirsty patrons will have to earn 1,500 points via the My McDonald's app to get a free, regular-sized drink.

    There will be an introductory double-points offer on hot drinks until December 31, but after that, you'll need to fork out £6.27 more to bag yourself a free drink under the new system when compared to the old one.

    For every £1 that is spent at the fast-food chain, customers will receive 100 points. This means buying a large cappuccino for £2.09 will lead to 209 points.

    So instead of the £10.45 spend before a free drink in the current scheme, customers will now have to spend £16.72 on eight drinks – equating to 1,500 points – to qualify for the free reward.

    The double-points introductory offer means that thirsty customers will only need to buy four drinks to receive a freebie – totalling £8.36.

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