Meaning of baby name Maverick as pregnant Roxanne Pallett announces son’s unique moniker

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Pregnant Roxanne Pallett and her husband Jason Carrion have opted for a unique name for their baby son.

The expectant parents recently hosted a rooftop celebration in New York, where the couple reside, and told family and friends of their choice of moniker.

Former Emmerdale actress Roxanne, 38, and her firefighter hubby plan to name their son Maverick, according to The Sun.

Jason announced the name of their unborn son to their guests during an emotional speech ahead of his birth later this year.

The American is claimed to have said: "Rox has loved the name Maverick for years. When she shared it with me, I instantly knew it was totally perfect for our son.”

After the actress revealed the news of her first pregnancy in June, she is said to have added that she just "knew" Maverick was the name meant to be for her first child.

"He’s kicking away like crazy so I think he likes it! It’s a strong, independent name," the actress told her loved ones at the New York City gathering.

As the pair look forward to welcoming their baby son, we take a look into the meaning behind the unique name…

What is the meaning of the name Maverick?

The baby name Maverick is a predominantly male name, and has powerful meanings.

In America, it's thought to stand for 'wildly independent', and in Britain; 'nonconforming', which are essentially synonyms.

In the early 1900s, Maverick was used as a popular surname before growing in popularity as a first name in recent years.

Although mainly spelled as Maverick, the name can sometimes be written as; Maveric, Maverik, Maveryck, Mavric, Mavrick, or Mavrik.

How popular is the name Maverick?

According to baby name experts Family Education, Maverick has only become popular in very recent years, breaking the top 100 baby names in 2017.

It broke the top 50 for the first time in 2020, ranking at position 48.

However, it is the 5th most popular name on their website at the time.

According to Google search data analysis, in the last five years, Maverick was at its peak popularity in July 2019.

The name was first used in the 1950s James Garner western TV series, and then for Tom Cruise's character in Top Gun.

Notable namesakes include singer-songwriter Maverick Sabre, basketball player Maverick Ahanmisi, and golfer Maverick McNealy.

Earlier this year, Roxanne declared that she felt like "the luckiest woman in the world" to be expecting her first child with American husband Jason.

The happy couple began dating in early 2019, going on to tie the knot in New York in January 2020.

The wedding ceremony was an intimate one – with just 10 close family and friends present for the nuptials.

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