Meghan Markle Is Breaking This Unhealthy Royal Tradition That Princess Diana and Kate Middleton Did

The royal family is under a microscope constantly, never more so than when a new baby is on the way. With the impending arrival of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s child, the whole world is waiting and watching for the slightest update on Baby Sussex.

While the royal couple has definitely approached the pregnancy in a different manner than Prince William and Kate Middleton handled theirs, and have shown a tendency to march to the beat of their own drum, there is one tradition they plan on breaking: taking photos on the steps of a hospital immediately after the birth.

A royal tradition

Some of the most iconic photos of Princess Diana are the ones taken outside the hospital only hours after the birth of her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Similarly, when Kate Middleton gave birth to each of her three children, she happily posed for pictures with the newborn baby on the hospital steps, while photographers’ lenses snapped and reporters asked questions.

While the tradition exists in order to give crowds a glimpse at the latest member of the royal family, it isn’t exactly a custom that spans centuries. In fact, it has only lasted a few decades, and only became expected after the births of Princess Diana’s two sons.

Why Meghan Markle will defy tradition

Meghan Markle prefers to do things her own way, and that includes taking charge of her own postpartum experience. A recent report suggested that neither Markle or Prince Harry were particularly fond of the idea of posing for pictures directly following the birth of their baby. Now, an update from Buckingham Palace reveals Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are grateful for the goodwill but will share updates when they are ready.

Reportedly, Markle doesn’t like the idea of posing with perfect hair and makeup only hours after delivering a baby, as Princess Diana and Kate Middleton did. The same report suggests that presenting that image to the world wouldn’t sit right with Markle’s views of motherhood and feminism, and would prefer to keep the immediate postpartum period as private as possible.

A new approach to royal parenthood

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Of course, there’s also the matter of safety to consider. There is an incredible amount of scrutiny and public interest placed on Baby Sussex – the whole world wants to know what the baby will look like, the blanket he or she will be swaddled in, and how much the baby will weigh. Although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are likely grateful for the world’s affection towards their baby, they also will want to keep the baby as safe as possible.

That could include keeping Baby Sussex well away from the prying eyes of the public for some time following the birth. After all, their child will have the rest of his or her life to be placed squarely in the spotlight.

Even without immediate post-birth photos, the world will likely still get to see Baby Sussex in another, slightly more modern way. Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle launched their own Instagram account.

The very first post they shared announced that they intended to use their account in order to share important announcements and to raise awareness of their favorite causes and charities. One important announcement that could get shared on their page – the very first photo of their baby.

Many fans are speculating that Markle and Prince Harry will release the first photo of Baby Sussex via Instagram rather than in a more invasive forum like a public photo shoot. This would certainly be in line with their modern, conscientious approach to parenting, an exciting direction for the royal family.

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