Meghan Markle ‘Mortified’ By Her Family’s Attempts To Get Attention: Prince Harry Is ‘Super Supportive’

We’re learning how Meghan Markle is responding to her family’s reckless public behavior as her wedding day approaches! Here’s all the EXCLUSIVE details!

The royal wedding day is almost here! Yet Meghan Markle is forced to contend with her family’s strange outbursts when she should be preparing for the ceremony! Now, thanks to our insiders, we’re learning how the 36-year-old stunner is dealing with all the headlines her family is creating. “Meghan is so embarrassed by her family’s behavior, she’s totally mortified, it seems that every day there’s another tawdry tabloid story, it’s just horrible,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “[PrinceHarry has been super supportive of her though, and incredibly understanding, he’s a total rock.”

The insider adds that she is personally wounded by the news that her father Thomas Markle might have had a hand in some new photos surfacing. “Harry keeps reassuring Meghan that it’s not her fault, and that it’s to be expected given her sudden high profile and upcoming wedding. But, it’s still incredibly upsetting to Meghan that all these people are crawling out of the woodwork and trying to make a quick buck at her expense. The latest revelation, that her father staged a whole load of paparazzi photos for money, has hit her particularly hard, especially as Harry recently made a point of asking the press to respect her dad’s privacy—it’s such a slap in the face to Meghan, and so humiliating.”

It appears Thomas might have agreed to help stage some new photos of himself, according to The Daily Mail. The alleged stunt is estimated to have made as much as $135,000. This comes after both Meghan’s sister Samantha Grant and brother Thomas Markle Jr. have both creating troubling headlines with what appear to be attempts at publicity. Thankfully, it sounds like Meghan is getting loads of support from her future husband!

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