Meghan Markle ‘persuades ex husband to hold off on TV show’

Meghan Markle ‘persuades ex husband to hold off on embarrassing TV show’ based on her relationship with Prince Harry after it was causing her ‘anguish’

  • Trevor Engelson had reportedly been working on a sitcom about a divorced American mother who moves to London to marry a British royal
  • The idea behind the show had reportedly been causing Meghan ‘anguish’ 
  • Friends apparently intervened and persuaded Engelson to cease production 
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Meghan Markle has reportedly persuaded her ex-husband to pull the plug on an ’embarrassing’ TV show based on her relationship with Prince Harry.

According to The Sun close friends of the bride-to-be held a meeting with Trevor Engelson in a bid to dissuade him from developing the TV series that he had been working on with Fox.

Engelson was reportedly working on a new sitcom show about a divorced American mother who moves to London to marry a British royal. 

An unnamed TV executive told the Sun Online: ‘Trevor’s project is currently on hold after several months of anguish for Meghan.

Trevor Engelson (pictured with ex-wife Meghan in 2011) has reportedly ceased production on his sitcom about a divorced American mother who moves to London to marry a British royal

‘She reached out to him at first through friends and now they have kept up the pressure and Trevor has pushed things back.’

MailOnline has contacted Fox for a comment.  

The show, which remained untitled, it is said was inspired by a conversation he had with producer Dan Farrah, musing on what would have happened if he and Meghan had had children together. 

While some parallels can be found, Trevor claims that the characters have nothing to do with his relationship with Meghan.

Trevor is thought to have mentored Meghan when she first entered the film industry and was responsible for her cameo in the Robert Pattinson film Remember Me in 2010. They dated for seven years before tying the knot.

According to insiders Meghan asked friend to intervene, and her ex-husband has now agreed to halt plans for the series

The idea of the programme had reportedly been causing the bride-to-be (pictured with Trevor in 2006) ‘anguish’ 

Meghan and Trevor got married on September 10, 2011 at the Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios, Jamaica from which pictures have been shared of the four day celebration.

The wedding ceremony is thought to have had 102 guests and it was over in 15 minutes before they took to the dance floor, eager to party. 

Citing ‘irreconcilable differences’, Meghan and Trevor separated two years after their wedding and were divorced by August 2013. However, a source claimed that the separation was due to the soon-to-be Royal’s new role on Suits.

‘Meghan landed her role in Suits just a few months before they married. And despite being together for six years before getting hitched, things started to fall apart not long after the wedding,’ the source revealed.

They continued: ‘They really battled with long distances. Trevor was based in LA while Meghan was in Toronto, a five-hour flight away. It was a very difficult way to start married life’.

Royal biographer Andrew Morton’s new book Meghan, A Hollywood Princess revealed that the couple split because she started to land roles. 

Will Harry and Meghan have a happy marriage?

Speaking exclusively to MailOnine FEMAIL, Elizabeth Kuhnke, the author of Body Language: Learn How To Read Others And Communicate With Confidence, revealed how Harry and Meghan’s physical proximity reveals their closeness and obvious sexual chemistry – while conversely, the actress at times appeared ‘tense’ and ‘distanced’ herself from Engelson.

‘While some photos of Meghan and Trevor demonstrate physical closeness, the same photos also show tension and stiffness, particularly in her body, suggesting that the couple weren’t emotionally in tune. Trevor seemed to have been more in love with Meghan than she with him.

Meghan pictured with her first husband, producer Trevor Engelson, in 2011 (left); and with Harry in Bath in April (right)

‘In contrast, Meghan appears happier and freer with Harry than she was with Trevor. They present a unified front, posing as one, reflecting and matching each other’s facial expressions , movements and gestures. This behavior indicates they are on the same page and that their relationship is harmonious. 

‘When they smile at one another, they hold eye contact, their cheeks are raised and their eyes crinkle around the outer sides, indicating genuine warmth and happiness between the two. Even when they are not touching, their physical proximity and welcoming, open body language shows their closeness.’

By Unity Blott 

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