Meghan Markle Reportedly Feeling Isolated & Lonely In New Role As Duchess, Per ‘Radar Online’

Meghan Markle was the second-most searched person on Google in 2018, only bested by Demi Lovato who suffered a public overdose that landed her in rehab, according to CNET. And it’s hard to know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, as we’re all finding out that the British media might not like Meghan too much, after all. While most of the coverage seemed positive right after the wedding, things took a bit of a turn a few weeks ago when stories began to leak about her supposed “difficult” attitude and 5:00 a.m. texts to aides.

And according to an insider, Meghan is feeling “totally isolated,” detailed Radar Online.

“Meghan’s life couldn’t be more different these days and she misses all of her friends. She used to hang out with her gal pals all the time, but she just can’t do that anymore now that she’s a Duchess.”

Of course, Markle is “madly in love with Harry and excited to be a mom, but in the run-up to the baby’s arrival she’s feeling lonely.” And it turns out that one recent event in particular supposedly kicked off some of these lonely feelings.

“She misses her girls’ nights and yoga classes with her mom. Meghan tries to keep in touch with her old friends but it’s just not the same and having to skip Priyanka [Chopra]’s wedding has made her realize that she only going to be missing a whole lot more of these things.”

If true, many royal fans wouldn’t be too surprised to hear it. After all, wouldn’t anyone miss their old friends and life after making a move to a new country? That’s compounded by a very public life, where she’s unable to speak out against the many rumors about her. And plus, it probably doesn’t help that her American family continues to apparently cash in on their relations to her with interviews, TV show appearances, and in the near future, a tell-all book.

And yes, missing Chopra’s wedding would have been very hard for anyone, considering that it was one of the most epic weddings of recent memory. But perhaps what Meghan is also missing is her direct connection to her fans and to the rest of the world, something she might have taken for granted in her prior life as a non-royal.

After all, Meghan kept up a solid internet presence between her social media accounts and a personal lifestyle blog. Hopefully she’s able to continue relations with her old friends, because as much as she loves Prince Harry, women need their friends to maintain a healthy balance in their lives.

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