Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding Dress Will Give You Major Flashbacks To This ’00s Rom-Com Classic

After months of speculation about what Meghan Markle’s wedding dress would look like, fans finally got their answer on Saturday, May 21. Markle wore a Givenchy gown designed by Clare Waight Keller, and the dress was understated and elegant. But fans also noticed something else about the wedding gown: Meghan Markle’s wedding dress looks like Jennifer Lopez’s did in The Wedding Planner, though the similarities were probably unintentional.

It wasn’t long after Prince Harry and Markle’s wedding that fans began to make the connection between the two dresses. Journalist Amy Odell appears to have been the first to spot the similarity, and share a side-by-side photo of the brides on Instagram. But fans were quick to share screenshots from the 2001 rom-com alongside images of Markle on Twitter too. While the two dresses aren’t exactly the same, they are surprisingly similar.

Markle’s wedding dress, like the one Lopez’s character, Mary, wore in the movie, had a boat-neck neckline and three-quarter length sleeves. Those factors, combined with the similar-looking materials and silhouettes, were enough to draw comparisons between the two dresses.

The gowns weren’t totally the same, though — Lopez’s featured a series of buttons along the edge of the sleeves. And the long veil Markle wore had almost nothing in common with Lopez’s costume, aside from the fact, that, well, they were both veils. (Her tiara would have put Mary’s to shame, too — the Queen of the United Kingdom loaned her a tiara that originally belonged to Queen Mary.) Despite the differences, though, there are clear similarities between the dresses.

The Wedding Planner was a fairly typical early 2000s rom-com, complete with a ridiculous but endearing plot. Lopez’s Mary was a successful wedding planner who wasn’t able to find love for herself. Eventually, Mary did meet the perfect guy, Steve (played by Matthew McConaughey) — and he just happened to be one of her clients. If you haven’t seen the movie, spoiler alert: The wedding planner does find love in the end.

While Markle probably didn’t intend for there to be any similarities between her gown and Lopez’s, it’s nice to imagine the Duchess of Sussex is secretly a rom-com fan (hey, she’s even starred in a few herself). Maybe she really loves The Wedding Planner, and asked Waight Keller to take some inspiration from the movie. That’s almost assuredly not the case — but considering the royal wedding is basically an IRL fairy tale, it’s sort of sweet to think Markle has always been a fan of movie-worthy romance.

And for the designer’s part, Waight Keller talked to WWD about designing Markle’s dress, sharing that the duchess’ wedding gown took 3,600 hours to make. Don’t expect Waight Keller to address the comparisons to the 2001 movie, though — it’s safe to guess that anything the two dresses have in common is purely coincidental.

Whether or not the similarities were planned, the comparisons are clearly all in good fun. Plenty of fans loved Markle’s wedding dress, and they shared their admiration for the Givenchy gown on Twitter.

Of course, plenty of other fans also chimed in to note that while the dress was gorgeous, Markle’s true beauty radiated from within. "She looks amazing in that stunning dress but the best accessory she wears is her smile," @rbcamartinez tweeted about the former actor.

Plus, as EW points out, Markle’s wedding dress wasn’t the only thing worn at the royal wedding that was subject to online jokes. Twitter users compared Pippa Middleton’s dress at the royal wedding to an Arizona green tea can, and some people compared Markle’s reception dress to one worn on a recent episode of Westworld. Clearly, no one’s outfit is safe from jokes and memes — fortunately, the comments about Markle’s dress are just playful ones.

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