Meghan warned blog ‘could potentially harm both her and Harry’

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Meghan Markle is tipped to bring back her blog The Tig, which she ran for two years until she was linked to Prince Harry, at which point she shut the lifestyle site down. The passion project, which the Duchess referred to as her “little engine that could”, has the approval to be revived.

Details filed with the US Trademark and Patent Office state the new version of The Tig would offer tips on food, travel, fashion, the arts, design, conscious living, and wellness. The papers said the website would offer “commentary in the field of personal relationships”.

A branding expert has warned the Duchess that if done wrong a relaunch of The Tig could “be perceived as tone-deaf or out of touch”. He suggested it could damage both her reputation and her husband’s.

Justin, a branding expert and author who has written books such as Creating Customers for Life, said: “There are potential pitfalls to consider if Meghan were to relaunch The Tig. One of the main risks is that it could be seen as a distraction from her other philanthropic and business ventures, especially since she and Harry have already launched their own non-profit organization, Archewell.

“There is also the possibility that The Tig’s relaunch could be perceived as tone-deaf or out of touch, given the ongoing global pandemic and economic challenges facing many people worldwide. If the content does not resonate with readers and fails to address current issues and concerns, it could damage Meghan’s brand and reputation.

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“Furthermore, any missteps in terms of partnerships, sponsorships, or merchandise could potentially harm both Meghan and Harry’s brands. They need to ensure that they only align themselves with brands and organizations that share their values and beliefs and avoid any conflicts of interest or ethical violations.

“While a relaunch of The Tig has the potential to be a successful and profitable venture for Meghan, there are potential risks and pitfalls to consider. To avoid damaging their brand, Meghan and Harry will need to carefully strategize their approach, stay true to their values, and create content that resonates with their audience.”

Justin explained a few things the Duchess of Sussex should consider before launching The Tig 2.0. He said: “First and foremost, she would need to think about how the blog fits into her current role and responsibilities as a member of the Royal Family. While she may no longer be able to write as candidly about her personal life or share as many intimate details, there is still plenty of room for her to offer her unique perspective and insights on a variety of topics.”

A focus on charity would be Justin’s approach. He said: “One approach Meghan might take would be to focus on highlighting causes and organizations that she is passionate about.

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“She could use The Tig as a platform to share stories of individuals and groups who are making a difference in their communities and to encourage her readers to get involved themselves. This would be a great way to continue the philanthropic work that she has been involved in since joining the Royal Family, while also leveraging her platform to raise awareness and support for important causes.”

He went on: “Another option would be for Meghan to use The Tig as a space for showcasing her interests and talents. She is known for her love of cooking, for example, so she could use the blog to share recipes and cooking tips.

“Alternatively, she could share her fashion and beauty expertise, offering style advice and highlighting ethical and sustainable brands. This approach would allow her to bring her own unique perspective to the lifestyle space, while also providing valuable content for her readers.

“Overall, if Meghan were to relaunch The Tig, she would need to be strategic in how she approaches the brand. By focusing on her passions and interests, highlighting causes and organizations she cares about, and leveraging her platform to make a positive impact, she could create a blog that resonates with readers and cements her legacy as a thought leader and influencer.”

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