Megyn Kelly’s Former ‘Today’ Show Colleagues Angry She Left Without Saying Anything, Want Apology From Her

The report from ‘Radar Online’ claims her abrupt departure is still causing ripples at NBC.

Megyn Kelly’s departure from the Today show is still causing ripples, with a new report claiming that her former co-workers are angry at how abruptly she left the show and want an apology from her.

Kelly was cut from the show last week after defending blackface in a segment discussing Halloween costumes. Though the former Fox News anchor had courted controversy at other times during her tenure on the Today show, this was the last straw for management as she was cut loose mid-week. Now, a new report from Radar Online claims that the departure has led to some hurt feelings among fellow Today staffers.

As the report noted, Megyn simply left without saying anything to her now-former colleagues.

“Many people on Megyn’s staff haven’t heard a word from her since she was fired and they’re pissed,” an unnamed production source told the celebrity news outlet.

“They’ve been expecting an apology or some sort of acknowledgement from her but that hasn’t come.”

Her departure has caused quite a staffing problem on the show, the report noted. Because Megyn Kelly Today had its own branding separate from the rest of the Today show, it had its own unique staff. The show has tried to move some of those crew members to other parts of the Today show, but close to half of the crew ended up being laid off when Megyn Kelly left.

With Megyn getting up to $40 million in her exit deal, there are a lot of hurt feelings, the source said.

“Many are outraged by her greed and the fact that she’s done nothing to compensate or even acknowledge those behind the scenes, who did their best to make her look good despite months of trying circumstances,” the source told Radar Online.

The tension between NBC and Megyn Kelly has been brewing as both sides aim for an agreement on her exit. As the New York Post reported, Megyn’s lawyer lashed out at NBC News head Andy Lack, claiming he was leaking information about the negotiations to the media.

In a statement to People magazine, lawyer Brian Friedman said that NBC News is “allowing the media to run with completely false and irresponsible reports that disparage Megyn by erroneously claiming she has ever asked for more money than her contract requires.” There had been reports that Kelly’s team was asking for an additional $10 million to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Megyn Kelly was halfway through a deal worth $69 million at the time she was fired from the Today show.

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