Melania Trump To Make Public Appearance On Wednesday After More Than Three Weeks Away From Press Cameras

First lady Melania Trump will reportedly be back in the public eye on Wednesday as she attends a meeting with President Donald Trump.

It looks as if the ongoing count regarding how many days first lady Melania Trump has been away from the public eye is about to be reset. After being away from press cameras and public events for more than three weeks now, Melania’s communications director says that Trump will be attending an event taking place on Wednesday.

CNN details that according to Melania Trump’s communications director Stephanie Grisham, the first lady will be joining her husband President Donald Trump for a Washington event on Wednesday, June 6. The two will visit the Washington Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters to discuss issues of preparedness for the hurricane season that started at the beginning of this month.

Attending this FEMA meeting seems somewhat out of the norm for Melania, although she did join the president for trips to Puerto Rico, Texas, and Florida in 2017 when those areas were hit with intense hurricanes. In addition, she also spoke out last fall while encouraging people to donate and volunteer in efforts to support the impacted communities.

Melania was last seen publicly on May 10 when she debuted her “Be Best” campaign. She underwent a medical procedure shortly after that and got people buzzing when she seemingly disappeared from public view for an extended period of time without updates coming from the team at the White House. Rumors swirled about what was keeping her away from cameras for so long, as it seemed unusual even for this first lady who maintains a much lower profile than many previous women in her position.

Trump did attend an event held Monday night that honored a number of Gold Star families. However, that event was not open to the media. Melania did share several photos from the evening via her Twitter account, and her image did pop up in some other personal photos that hit social media Monday evening.

After nearly four weeks of being almost entirely out of the public eye, it looks like Melania is slowly and quietly stepping back into her visible role as the first lady. In addition to the announcement about Wednesday’s meeting and the tweet about Monday’s event, Trump’s account did just tweet about how wonderful the White House Experience app is, encouraging people to try it out.

Many people will likely continue to speculate about the length of time that Melania laid low after her high-profile May 10 “Be Best” launch. Rumors swirled about whether she might have had plastic surgery, moved back to New York or moved in with her parents, suffered a severe incident of domestic abuse, or even started working with Robert Mueller on his ongoing investigation and the speculation got more outlandish as her absence from the public eye increased.

It looks like people probably will not get any real sense of what Melania Trump was doing during those weeks she was missing from the public eye. Will her attendance at the FEMA meeting on Wednesday with President Donald Trump go off as planned and quell the buzz over her well-being? Her public appearances will likely generate a lot of buzz for the foreseeable future as a result of these past few weeks, and people will be curious to see how visible she decides to be in the coming days.

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