‘Men yell crude abuse at me because I only wear pink – but I just ignore them’

A teacher loves pink so much that it’s the only colour she ever wears but sadly, men yell nasty things at her because of it.

Yasmin Stucki, from Thun in Switzerland, has been in love with the hue ever since she was 12 and has now decked out her entire flat in the colour.

Her wardrobe – which has over 100 shoes – is also exclusively pink.

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Now, she’s worn only pink outfits for more than 20 years and plans on never wearing any other colour.

While she loves being able to express herself freely, she has sometimes faced abuse because of it.

She exclusively told Daily Star: “Once when I was at a flea market last fall … there were these men, they were like 50 years old, one of the guys told said really loud to the other one, ‘Oh, maybe you should put on a pink condom and then she would pay attention to you’.

“Or when I was younger somebody once called me a pink b*tch or Miss Piggy or Barbie, and they used it as an insult.

“Being called Barbie is not normally an insult but when somebody says it the way this stranger did, then I take it as an insult.”

While Yasmin used to be ashamed that pink was her favourite colour, she’s learnt to embrace it in all its glory.

Sadly as well as receiving awful comments from strangers, sometimes her professionalism has also been brought into question because of her love for pink.

The 34-year-old was told in a previous job that parents weren’t able to take her seriously.

“I think I have to also to prove myself a little bit more because I'm wearing pink,” she explained.

“I’m now in my fifth year in [a different] school and all the kids like me and so do the parents, they know me and they like me and the kids.

“But when I was younger and I was in my apprenticeship, I had my teacher who told me, ‘The students and the parents have a problem with you when you're dressing only in pink. You look like a Playboy bunny, juvenile and childish’.

“I did the best during this apprenticeship and the teacher said I did everything well but the parents and the children had a problem with my appearance.”

Yasmin told us she never wore anything inappropriate, usually a shirt buttoned down, but it always happened to be pink.

She continued: “The school was somewhere far away from the city, so they were a little bit stubborn.

“Now I'm in a city and it's really multicultural and we have a lot of children with an immigration background. That's why we are so colourful and that's why I also fit in there, I think.”

To keep up with Yasmin, you can follow her Instagram account here.


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