Michelle Obama And Santa Hilariously Show Kids How They Can Do A ‘Fortnite’ Dance

The former FLOTUS is known for her dance moves, but this impromptu performance stunned everyone.

Santa may have captured children’s hearts around the world, but former first lady Michelle Obama has impressed a whole gaggle of gamers and kids with her latest impromptu dance performance.

Michelle, 54, joined Santa on stage at the Children’s Hospital Colorado where she read to thousands of pediatric patients and staffers the classic Christmas poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” No one had expected Michelle at the special holiday event, so it was a huge surprise for everyone gathered there when she sauntered out onto the stage. The former FLOTUS was passing through Denver to promote her memoir Becoming.

The elegant former first lady allowed children gathered in the crowd to ask her a few questions that she graciously answered. But when one kid inquired about her favorite dance steps, she took that as a fun challenge, reports USA Today.

Everyone has seen the former first lady bust out a few smooth moves on the dance floor during her time spent in the White House. But no one could believe what she did next.

“I don’t think any of my favorite dance moves have names to them. I just move to the music. I just like to move,” she said.

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Bringing some holiday joy—and learning some new moves—with Santa and the kids @childrenscolo Hospital in Denver.

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So the child hopped up and showed her his current favorite dance move. There was no way Michelle was going to just sit there now! Michelle stood up from the velvet chair and busted out a few funky moves that stunned everyone watching! She actually performed the “Orange Justice” dance from the wildly popular video game Fortnite.

The persuasive powerhouse even managed to coax Santa out of his comfy chair and up on his feet, despite his protestations.

“Mrs. Claus says I cannot dance!” Santa said.

Even cuter was when the pediatric patient who asked Michelle about her favorite dance moves kept boogying along with her. A couple of other kids joined Santa and Michelle, too.

“Santa doin’ Orange Justice!” Michelle shouted.

The host of the event couldn’t believe what had just happened, proclaiming “That was such a special treat.” Michelle did confess that she can’t floss, though.

While she was first lady, Michelle famously mom-danced with Jimmy Fallon, danced to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” with Ellen DeGeneres, and even busted a move with vegetable dancers for her “Let’s Move” campaign. Michelle also has danced at stops along her book tour for Becoming, her memoir that is now the bestselling book of 2018.

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