Miley Cyrus’ fans are freaking out over her new ‘modern mullet’

Would you trust your mother to cut your hair with kitchen scissors? Miley Cyrus did. Her fans, however, expressed that mom, Tish Cyrus, shouldn’t quit her day job.

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The “Slide Away” singer let her mom take scissors to her long blonde locks for her birthday, which was Nov. 23.

Tish posted a brief video to her Instagram on Saturday of her prepping her daughter’s hair before unevenly cutting off a few inches from the bottom. The two smile and laugh excitedly through the process.

When it came time for Miley to reveal her new look on Tuesday, her fans didn’t exactly react the way she may have hoped. In a now-deleted Instagram Story, the 27-year-old debuted her choppy haircut, which earned her a healthy dose of hate from fans.

Fans went as far as complaining directly to Cyrus’ hairstylist, Sally Hershberger, who was eventually tasked to fix up Tish’s handiwork and give it a punk vibe, as explained on her Instagram.

The celebrity stylist has since come out in full support of her client’s new look and praised it as a “modern mullet.” Hershberger, who had a stint on the Bravo reality show “Shear Genius,” also encouraged fans to “chill out.”

Considering Miley has a reputation for frequently shaking up her hairstyles, the mullet will most likely run its course before the artist inevitably tries out something new.

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