Miley Cyrus Pranks Jimmy Kimmel With A ‘Wrecking Ball’ Wake-Up Call

The singer barged into Kimmel’s bedroom and hammered him in a very uncomfortable place.

Poor Jimmy Kimmel. The late night talk-show host has been the victim of some hilarious pranks over the years but now there’s a new celebrity trend that seems to be seriously threatening his beauty sleep.

A few years ago, Rihanna dropped by the show to promote her latest project — her Fenty beauty line, a new album, an upcoming movie, it’s hard to keep up at this point — and she took part in a good-natured stunt devised by Kimmel’s wife, Molly McNearney, who invited the singer, her backup dancers, and a camera crew into the couple’s bedroom to terrify Kimmel out of a good night’s sleep with a live rendition of “B**ch Better Have My Money.” Rihanna crooned the song while her leather-clad dancers through fake bills at the bed-ridden host.

Funny only because it didn’t cause Kimmel to have a full-blown heart attack.

Then, two years ago, McNearney teamed up with pop-star Britney Spears to once again give her husband waking nightmares, this time with Spears rousing him from a dead sleep with a gaggle of shirtless dancers and strobe lights.

At this point, Kimmel should know not to trust his wife and to sleep with one eye open, but it seems the right amount of time had past to lull the host into a false sense of comfort. McNearney revived the prank, which Kimmel aired clips of on his show last night, and enlisted Miley Cyrus’ help in once again, scaring her husband to death.

Armed with a sledgehammer, more strobe lights, a camera crew, and a construction hat, Cyrus barged into Kimmel’s bedroom and began belting out her hit “Wrecking Ball” while smashing the host’s mattress with (what we hope was) a fake sledgehammer. A dancer dressed up like a wrecking ball also made an appearance and a bleary-eyed Kimmel good-naturedly sat through the whole circus while Cyrus gyrated on top of him and suggested he lick her hammer by the end.

As funny as these late-night stunts are, we can’t help but feel bad for Kimmel. Watching a grown man mumble pleas through his mouth guard while strangers treat his bedroom like the dancefloor of a disco rave is equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking. Of course, Cyrus took things one step further, accidentally nailing the host in the balls with her hammer before she left so if that doesn’t put Kimmel off of sleep for the next decade well, then, he’s just asking for it.
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