Mind-blowing optical illusion shows two ‘physically identical cubes’

When it comes to optical illusions, it tends to be based on what you see.

And in some cases, it might cause a heated debate as you can't agree with your pal on it.

It's like the dress optical illusion saga which left many people scratching their heads as there were two answers.

Now one Twitter user appears to have shown an example of an illusion which is related to the dress phenomenon.

Posting on social media, Tony wrote: "Here's a better example of an illusion involving colour.

"The front faces of the two cubes are physically identical, but the left appears yellow/white and the right blue/brown."

If you simply can't believe the illusion the user shared, he even backed it up with a video.

He proved it by using a digital colour metre which shows that the cubes are actually identical.

Optical illusions are caused by the visual system that can arguably appear to differ from reality.

So what do you see in the optical illusion? Leave a comment below…

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Are you looking for more mind-boggling brainteasers to look at?

In this illusion, something "freaky" happens when you stare at the black dot for 10 seconds.

The photo shows a blurry colourful scene which asks fans to "stare at the black dot" for a number of seconds.

According to the user who posted the optical illusion, the colours will disappear after a while.

Meanwhile, that wasn't the only illusion to cause a discussion on social media.

On another occasion, a baffling optical illusion sparked a mega debate as fans couldn't tell whether the image showed a man or a dog.

In the image, it shows a wintery scene with a forest covered in inches of snow.

One wrote: "That is definitely not a man, well at least I can't do that with my leg."

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