Miranda Lambert Believes Evan Felker Is Her ‘Soulmate’: She Never Felt Like This With Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert finally feels like she met ‘the one!’ Her chemistry with Evan Felker is ‘off the charts’ and she could really picture a future with him! Just how serious are these two?

Miranda Lambert, 34, really feels like she got it right this time. Her relationship with Turnpike Troubadours singer, Evan Felker, 34, is already rock solid after having an “immediate connection” when touring together earlier this year. “Miranda really believes that Evan is the one, her soulmate,” a source close to the country singer tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s never felt like this before,” the insiders says. — Not with anyone, including her ex husband, Blake Shelton, 41.

“Miranda and Evan have such a strong connection,” the source says, adding, “Their chemistry is off the charts.”  — That chemistry sparked exponentially while on Miranda’s “Livin’ Like Hippies”tour, where Evan’s band opened up for her. After falling for Evan while out on the road, Miranda began thinking about her future. “She would love to get married again, and to have children some day,” the insider admits. And, while it’s just the beginning stages of their romance, “Miranda can actually picture Evan as part of her future, whatever that includes.”

Miranda and Evan have yet to publicly address their relationship ever since news about their romance broke on April 24. The singers’ have been subject to scrutiny after rumors swirled that Evan and Miranda got together while he was still married.

Evan’s wife, Staci Felker only filed for divorce from him in mid-February after one-and-a-half-years of marriage. — And, reports have claimed that he had been dating Miranda long before then. “It’s unfortunate that their relationship is under such great scrutiny,” the source close to Miranda says. “But, she thinks it’s all worth it and that they will prove everyone wrong by being together.”

Soon after news broke that Miranda and Evan are dating, first photos of the couple emerged. The two were photographed together enjoying a beverage together at Old Absinthe House in New Orleans on March 26; just two days after her “Livin’ Like Hippies” tour wrapped.

We’ll be seeing a lot more of these two as Evan’s band is set to join Miranda on the road again for 10 more shows during her “Bandwagon Tour” with Little Big Town. The tour kicks off on July 12 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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