Model with unibrow encourages others to ‘do what makes you happy’

She won’t be brow beaten! Unibrow model insists she’s delighted by negative and shocked reactions to her bushy features after growing up a ‘stubborn rebel’

  • Sophia Hadjipanteli, 21, emigrated from Cyprus and London to the US
  • She shot to fame after posting pictures of her bushy brows on her Instagram
  • The natural blonde tried tinting her brows and accidentally dyed them black
  • The model said she never wanted to conform even from a young age 

A model with a striking unibrow who has recently shot to viral fame says she delights in people’s ‘shock reactions’ to her unusual look. 

Sophia Hadjipanteli, 21, appeared on ITV daytime show Good Morning Britain to discuss her unique look and how she loves to embrace her look because she grew up a ‘stubborn rebel’.

The University of Maryland marketing graduate grew up in Cyprus before emigrating to the US, and explained that her bushy brow – which she has nicknamed Veronica – is down to her Cypriot genes.

She added that her ancestors and cultural heritage inspired her to grow her brows out to achieve the hirsute unibrow she’s sporting today. 

‘I’ve always been known to change my look and do whatever I really wanted,’ she explained. ‘And I guess that sort of stubbornness and rebelliousness has made me do literally whatever I want.’

Sophie, who is in the UK to visit family and for modelling work, told presenters Richard Madeley and Ranvir Singh that she loves the reaction to her signature look.

‘I think for me it’s about being able to walk outside on a busy street in London with something that I know people will have negative, shocking, positive, cringeworthy, uncomfortable reactions to, and still be able to be strong with who I am, and just walk down the street,’ she explained. 

Sophia Hadjipanteli, 21, appeared on ITV daytime show Good Morning Britain to discuss her unique look

The university graduate used to shape her brows, pictured here in 2016, but then after accidentally tinting them too dark decided to embrace the bushiness

Sophia has won lots of modelling work thanks to her unibrow and says it’s because not many other people look like her

‘At the end of the day I left my house loving the way I looked and try to be true to who I am.’ 

Sophia first hit headlines when photographs of her showing off her bushy brows went viral, but has had to defend herself against accusations of cultural appropriation and even death threats. 

Hadjipanteli has amassed more than 160,000 Instagram followers since hitting the headlines last year.

The natural blonde, who used to shape her thick brows, said that the striking appearance of her brows was enhanced when she tried tinting them and accidentally dyed them black. 

Sophia, whose parents are from Cyprus and London, first hit headlines when photographs of her showing off her bushy brows went viral

Sophia appeared on GMB to talk about encouraging others to accept their natural beauty. The model is in the UK for work and to visit her family

The natural blonde has grown a following thanks to her body positive attitude and her quirky streak

Sophia Hadjipanteli, a model and marketing student at the University of Maryland, is bringing back the unibrow

But she was glad she was able to find a way to stand out: ‘Ever since I was little I’ve always been quite different, just either my style or the way I acted. 

‘I was always on my own in terms of school and growing up. I was very quirky and with all of that I just wanted to push some sort of boundary.

‘I did this before anyone really knew who I was really and it was nothing to do with getting attention or anything like that.’

Sophia admits she loves to see people’s shocked reactions but says once their initial surprise wears off they are used to her brows

The Greek Cypriot beauty proudly shows off her jet-black brows on her Instagram page

Sophia recently shared photos of herself dressed as Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, who was also known for her unibrow

And despite being told by trolls to pluck her brows by online trolls who labelled her ‘disgusting’ and ‘ugly’, she refuses to bow down to any sort of pressure to pluck them, even applying castor oil to help them grow. 

With every post on her Instagram, Sophia adds the hashtag #UnibrowMovement to encourage others to accept it. 

‘This unibrow movement is really not about just letting everything go, if you want to that is totally what you can do, for me it’s about doing what really makes you happy.’

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