Mom warns of terrifying results in ‘deodorant challenge’ game

A mom has issued a chilling warning over a new playground challenge after the game left her daughter with second-degree burns.

Jamie Prescott claims her 14-year-old daughter suffered serious burns after taking part in the “deodorant challenge” which is doing the rounds in the South West.

The distraught mom now fears her daughter may need skin grafts for her terrible injuries.

Speaking to Somerset Live more than two weeks after her daughter was injured, she said: “She [daughter Ellie] still regularly has to see a practice nurse and go to the surgery once a week.

“The incident happened on Tuesday (April 18), but I did not notice anything until she came home from school on the Wednesday as it had blistered up a lot by that stage.

“As you can see from the yellow padding, it is still weeping excessively.”

Jamie took to Facebook and posted photos of Ellie’s injuries to urge parents to sit their children down and discuss the dangers of the challenge which has grown popular in multiple schools in the Bristol area.

She also explained that Ellie was new to her current school where the incident occurred, but was adamant that the dangerous game was also prevalent at her previous school.

The worried mum from Yate, near Bristol, claimed her daughter had gone to the local park with some friends from her former school when she was injured.

Jamie said: “She went out and met with them at Kingsgate Park for a couple of hours.

“Apparently, when they asked her to put out her arm she did it but she had no idea of the consequences and hadn’t even heard of The Deodorant Challenge before that point.

“Since then other children have asked her what is wrong with her arm and when she has told them, they have then replied that they have also had it done to them and showed her their scars.”

Jamie now wants to warn others about the dangers of this new craze, adding: “Even if we can prevent just one more child from going through this, it will be worth it.

“It’s just horrendous and needs stopping.”

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