Moms brawl in front of screaming little kids outside UK school

One woman accuses another of “bullying” in a knock-down, drag-out brawl between two ferocious moms in the UK, who had to be pried apart by other nearby parents.

Footage of the warring women outside the Carr Infant School in York has gone viral after being shared anonymously on social media, The Sun reported.

The video shows one woman with a toddler on her hip telling another to “grow up” and “shut up,” and calling her a “silly b—h.”

Her rival berates her for holding a child while cursing, to which she replies, “I don’t care. You’ve got kids around ya,” followed by, “Shut your f–king mouth.”

Then she hands her toddler to someone off-camera and steps up to the other mother, saying, “I ain’t got a kid in my hand now.”

Meanwhile, her opponent continues to complain about the presence of children.

“You’re a bully,” says the instigator. “So f–king bully me, ya stupid cow, go on!”

Before long, the pair were on the ground, throwing punches and yanking each other’s hair, then accidentally knocking a child off their bike in the process, which prompted a dad to intervene — “Whoa, whoa, whoa, my child’s there” — and remove his kid from the melee. Parents attempt to pull the women apart as upset children cry around them.

Back on their feet, the woman repeats her “silly b—h” refrain before the video cuts out.

Carr Infant School posted a statement to their Facebook page: “This incident is serious and the police are involved and have asked that anyone who has seen the video/has access to it on Facebook report it as inappropriate content as the video needs to be removed.”

A representative with North Yorkshire law enforcement confirmed that one of the women involved, who they revealed is 23 years old, was “arrested and subsequently charged with a public order offense.”

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