More Than 50 Stars For Donald Trump Appear On Hollywood Walk Of Fame After Original Is Destroyed

Just when everyone thought his star was gone, it ended up multiplying.

A couple of weeks ago, the star of President Donald Trump on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was completely destroyed by an individual. Since then, many have recommended it be taken out entirely. While the argument for losing it or keeping it has generated hot debate, there are some who feel Trump deserves a star. The strong feelings of one support group were shown overnight as more than 50 stars for Donald Trump showed up all along the sidewalk.

The idea of removing the President’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame has brought forth moments of great anger and violence. Some have tried to deface Trump’s star in the past, and many have petitioned it be removed altogether.

A street artist and a group of others feel that removing his star would be wrong. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the street artist wishes to remain anonymous, but he recently helped put dozens of Donald Trump stars on display. The recent destruction of the real star appears to have prompted his actions.

The artist spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and said that the more who try to get rid of Trump’s star, the more stars that will arrive.

“Rip up the president’s Walk of Fame star or try to have it removed — like you’re the mayor of West Hollywood or something — and 30 more will pop up.”

Known only as “The Faction,” the artist and his group spent around $1,000 on fake stars which were printed on floor vinyl and had an adhesive backing. He said that they could be pulled up, but if no-one tried to remove them, “they could last there for 10 years.”

The Faction laminated the fake stars and placed them on some of the empty squares along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. While completing the job, they left them covered until all was done as they didn’t want to deal with backlash or violence while finishing up.

A number of businesses along the Walk decided to peel them up as they didn’t want other civilians to deface their property by damaging the squares. A cleaning service which is designated to getting rid of graffiti and vandalism on the Walk said they started around five in the morning and found “about 50 stars.”

One more interesting thing of note is that the street artist also said that The Faction has a financial backer who is “a young and anonymous entrepreneur.”

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