Morrisons food bank scheme: How you can donate food parcels to charity

Morrisons supermarket has launched a new scheme to help get much-needed supplies into food banks. The coronavirus pandemic has left many families and individuals in dire circumstances, and many have turned to food banks to food on the table.

Now, Morrisons have created a handy scheme which allows shoppers to buy pre-made parcels at the till meaning you don’t need to pick out items and place them in a food bank bin at the end of your shop.

Dubbed ‘Pick Up Packs’, the packages cost between £1 and £3 and contain a mixture of items, dependent on what local food banks have requested.

The packages are made up of long life pantry foods, such as rice, pasta, cereals and tinned foods.

You simply pay the package at the checkout and ask for it to be taken to the food bank, so doing your bit couldn’t be easier.


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The clever idea was put together by a Morrisons employee, Michelle Leary from Basingstoke, who noticed that many customers wanted to help vulnerable people in society but didn’t know what to provide.

Food banks often have problems with supply, as product availability means sudden influxes of certain products can hamper choice.

This scheme looks to tackle this problem, with pre-packaged good ready to go – all you need to do is hand over some spare change and help out a family in need.

It was trialled in several Morrison’s stores and was reportedly very successful, and will now go to a national roll-out in all stores.

Rebecca Singleton, community director at Morrisons said: “The UK’s food banks are a lifeline for the most vulnerable in our communities and these parcels are an easy way to donate to them.

“At Morrisons, we want to play our full part in feeding the nation and ensure nobody gets left behind.”

Additionally, the supermarket has also partnered up with the Trussell Trust, the organisation working to stop hunger in the UK, to release an online donating mechanism, with the goods going directly to the charity.

Customers can buy a £10 voucher on the Food Boxes section on the company’s website, and these will then be sent to a local food bank of their choice.

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Morrisons is also donating £10million of its own cash to food banks across the UK.

Food banks have become commonplace across the UK in recent years, and usage has soared in the past ten years.

2019 set a record for food bank usage – the Trussell Trust recorded 1.6 million parcels given out to people in need.

Trussell Trust Chief Executive Emma Revie said: “What we are seeing year-upon-year is more and more people struggling to eat because they simply cannot afford food. This is not right.

“Enough is enough. We know this situation can be fixed – that’s why we’re campaigning to create a future where no one needs a food bank.

“Our benefits system is supposed to protect us all from being swept into poverty.

“Universal Credit should be part of the solution but currently the five week wait is leaving many without enough money to cover the basics.

“As a priority, we’re urging the government to end the wait for Universal Credit to ease the pressure on thousands of households.
“Ultimately, it’s unacceptable that anyone should have to use a food bank in the first place.

“No charity can replace the dignity of having financial security.”

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