Mortified wife urged to dump husband after he secretly recorded her girls’ night

A good marriage usually involves trust.

So when the man or woman decides on a night with their pals, it should remain sacred.

But one man abused his trust after his wife found out he had secretly recorded her and her mates during their girls' night.

The man made his feelings known about the get together after he was informed about it, telling his wife to host it at a hotel.

When the pair argued, he requested he could attend too, but she explained that it was just with her girls.

Eventually he agreed to leave his wife to host the night in, until he had other plans in mind.

Posting on Reddit, the 26-year-old woman wrote: "I invited the girls over and most of them had a lot of heavy venting to do.

"At some point, things got a bit emotionally charged and there was crying, lots of it.

"After that we brought in the food and drinks, when I went to turn the TV on, I spotted a small device tucked on the side.

"I took a look and found that it was actually a voice recording device."

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She was left in a state of "disbelief" knowing that her husband placed the device to listen to their private conversations.

The disturbed wife openly showed the device to her mates before ringing up her husband to demand he came home immediately.

Then she called him out in full view of her friends.

And when the couple were left alone, the woman "lashed out" at her husband claiming he had ruined the night.

She added: "He argued that it was no big deal, that I should've let him join us if we 'had nothing to hide'.

"He said that this was on them for opening up about private matters, to begin with.

"Also he went on to talk about how I humiliated him to call him out in front of my friends, I told him they deserved to know."

The pair argued before the man eventually headed out and now the woman is concerned she made a mistake by outing him.

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However when she shared her dilemma on Reddit, many urged her to "divorce him and run".

One wrote: "This is more than just a red flag. His actions are far too extreme to explain or justify, and in my opinion, are a dealbreaker.

"No one should live the rest of their lives in fear of being under constant surveillance and control by their spouses.

"His behaviour is not healthy at all. In fact, it's pretty damn terrifying. Run."

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