Mother couldn’t kiss husband because of a COFFEE phobia

Mother with COFFEE phobia who was too scared to kiss her husband in case she tasted caffeine on his lips is finally cured after a three-hour therapy session

  • Becky Marks struggled to have contact with her family because of her phobia 
  • Life-change therapists the Speakmans were able to trace the root of the fear
  • During a three-hour therapy session Becky learned the trauma of losing her child at 16 and being told coffee made anxiety worse had triggered the phobia
  • The Speakmans were able to help Becky overcome it and kiss her family again 

A mother who was unable to kiss her partner because of a coffee phobia was finally able to overcome her fear after just three hours of therapy.

Becky Marks, a mother-of-two from Cornwall, told therapists Nik and Eva Speakman on This Morning how her fear of caffeine had become so severe it was affecting her relationship with her family. 

‘I won’t kiss him because of it. Ever,’ she said. ‘I haven’t kissed him on the lips for six and a bit months. I have tried in the past [to kiss the children] but it just causes too much anxiety.’

Becky even felt unable to kiss her children due to her fears of cross-contamination. 

The Speakmans concluded that Becky was suffering from a phobia and extreme contamination OCD, triggered by the trauma of losing her premature baby girl aged 16. 

Whenever mother-of-two Becky Marks was in close proximity to coffee she had high anxiety and panic attacks

Becky revealed that a traumatic event had caused her issues but now she was able to move on and start drinking coffee

After having therapy Becky was able to overcome her fear and for the first time in years kiss her children

‘She lived for about ten minutes. I didn’t know until the paramedic told me,’ Becky told the Speakmans.

A week after she lost her child at the age of 16, Becky said she went to see a doctor due to grief and anxiety. 

‘All I remember is that the doctor said caffeine makes anxiety worse,’ she added.

Eva Speakman said: ‘He told her to avoid coffee but she somehow misunderstood and blamed drinking coffee for losing her baby.’

It was a tough challenge for the Speakmans, with Eva saying: ‘Due to her partner drinking coffee, she hadn’t kissed him in months or been intimate with him.

‘But worse still because her partner kissed their children, she had not kissed her children for many, many months.’ 

She explained on This Morning to life-change therapist Nik and Eva Speakman that she was unable to kiss her children or husband because of cross-contamination fears

It caused further issues for Becky who was troubled by cross-contamination worries. 

‘Once she touched her teeth on her hand, she thought she may have coffee traces on her hand, and that her teeth had now become contaminated so she couldn’t touch her tongue on her teeth or swallow her saliva in case it was contaminated.

It meant that during her three-hour session with Nik and Eva she had to keep leaving the room to spit out the saliva that was collecting in her mouth because she couldn’t swallow it.

The pair were also told she couldn’t used any cutlery, plates or cups so only used disposable plastic cutlery, cups and plates and could only eat sealed microwave meals.

It was one of the toughest challenges ever for Nik and Eva who spent three hours with Becky in her first session

Becky said when she was in close proximity to a cup of coffee: ‘I feel anxious. I worry it will spill if it touches on my skin. High anxiety, panic attack.’  

The couple were able to eventually help Becky to understand that there was no real reason for her phobia.

Nik concluded: ‘If it was not your fault, it was not caffeine’s fault either.’   

The Speakmans thought Becky would need a number of further sessions to work on her concerns. 

But amazingly when they presented a cup of coffee in front of her Becky was able to drink it and swallow it at the end of their first three hour consultation.

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