Mrs Hinch hits out at trolls who call son a ‘spoilt brat’ and invent cruel memes

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Cleaning Instagram star Mrs Hinch has hit out at rude trolls who called her son a “spoilt brat” for getting presents and shared cruel memes on gossip forums.

Sophie Hinchliffe, 31, shot to fame for her cleaning tips and immaculate home – and now has over 4m followers online.

But, despite her many fans, the influencer – who is currently pregnant – also receives hate.

The cleaning-obsessive shared two messages she was sent on Insta in response to her giving her little boy some gifts.

Posting the screenshots, Mrs Hinch said: "There are two types of people in this world…"

Calling the top message a “kind person” the note read: "Aw he’s going to make such a good big brother.

"I remember panicking when I was having [my second son]… so many worries but Sophie is will all come naturally to Ron trust me.

"Mine are 24 and 22 now. Yeah we had rough patches but they’re bond is strong xxx."

She then added: “And these people” in reference to the second message.

It said that Ronnie, a toddler, was a “spoiled wee brat”.

The message read: “He will not be a [cope] when this baby arrives.

“Don’t care how much you say he’ll be a good big brother.

"You’ve spoiled him into a brat and he’ll hate having to share you."

The brutal message came mere days after a nasty meme was shared on a gossip forum.

Posting on Instagram Stories this week, Sophie explained: “I refuse to share negative posts however when I stumbled across this online during my day off I felt slightly disturbed by it."

The meme labelled her “Mrs Grinch” and showed a figure poking Sophie with a stick to make her “do something”.

The star added: “They despise me yet watch my every move, they prod me and poke me every single day, they wait around for my next story of the can pull me and my boys apart.

"How people like this sleep at night is beyond me BUT I just want them to read this …

"I forgive you, I will not rise to your cruel ways, I hope you too find your happiness and hopefully then you'll leave me and my family alone."

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Mrs Hinch revealed in her memoir “This is me, Sophie” that she’s been taking antidepressants to cope with anxiety and depression after finding fame.

She also explained in her podcast “All the Best (and Worst) with Mr and Mrs Hinch” that she initially began to love cleaning as a way to deal with loneliness.

In December 2019, Sophie claims that abuse and body shaming online led to a panic attack where she “felt like [she] was dying.”

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