Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning products go on sale at Aldi from just 99p

Aldi has released its next set of Specialbuys, available in store now – and they include two of Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning products. The supermarket’s Specialbuys go on sale every Thursday and Sunday, with new items from different brands across everything from household items to garden furniture. Yesterday’s drop included two products that Sophie Hinchliffe, who is the cleaning expert also known as Mrs Hinch, swears by – and fans will have to be quick to get their hands on them. 


  • Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning spray can clean every surface

Thursday’s range of Specialbuys included lots of cleaning products to help shoppers get their homes sparkling during lockdown. 

Cleaning products have become more important than ever as the nation fights the coronavirus pandemic with strict hygiene measures. 

Locked-down Britons are also spending more time in their homes, spring cleaning and having clear outs as they fill their time with indoor activities. 

But the latest products in Aldi’s range will make the job much easier, with products that followers have become used to seeing on Mrs Hinch’s feed. 

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The Specialbuys include the now famous Minky M Cloth Bathroom Pad, a two-sided anti-bacterial cleaning pad, for just £2.49. 

Mrs Hinch regularly talks about the brilliant cleaning cloth which is ideal for getting surfaces, showers and toilets shining. 

The cleaning pro even uses it to scrub pots and pans, with the double-sided design making it extra versatile for getting objects around the home sparkling clean. 

The influencer’s millions of fans, known as “Hinchers”, regularly buy the pad as they follow in her footsteps, usually picking it up at shops such as Dunelm or B&M. 

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However, as of yesterday they can pick it up on their next Aldi shop – but only for a limited time, as once Specialbuys are gone, they’re gone for good. 

The new range also includes a fragranced toilet spray that has been made popular by the Essex-based star. 

The glamorous influencer is known for her love of Zoflora, a strongly-scented and concentrated disinfectant – but the bargain Fabulosa Toilet Spray has been dubbed a dupe of the often sold out products. 

The scented mists are designed to keep toilet odours at bay and are available in Wild Rhubarb, Lemon Mint Leaf or Electrify – and they cost just 99p for 60ml. 


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The Specialbuys event also includes other cleaning products to keep homes gleaming in lockdown. 

Aldi’s own Power Force Bleach Tablets are just £1.49 for a pack of 40, and are available in either Fresh or Lemon scents. 

The clever tablets dissolve in water to create a thin or thick bleach. They are the equivalent to four bottles of 750ml thick bleach. 

This helps customers to save money as well as cutting back on plastic waste. 

The new Specialbuys collection also includes Clean-ology Shower Cleaner and Clean-ology Bathroom Cleaner, two natural cleaners for eco-warriors who want to get their bathrooms sparkling without bleach. 

Choose from Bathroom Cleaner in Lemon & Ginger or Shower and Granite Cleaner in Black Pepper & Juniper – both cost just £1.49 each. 

Buster products are also on sale at Aldi for the event, with the well known plug unblocker and drain cleaners available at the supermarket this week. 

The  Buster Clean & Fresh Citrus Gel and Buster Unblocker are both £2.19. 

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