MUA gains legion of followers for terrifying optical illusions

Self-taught make-up artist spends up to 16 hours transforming into characters such as Pennywise the clown – and her optical illusions will make you do a double take

  • Toma Skabeikyte, 28, uses make-up and body paint to create terrifying illusions
  • The self-taught artist from Lithuania spends up to sixteen hours on some looks
  • She has gained over 3000 followers for looks including Pennywise and a skull 
  • Is hoping to turn her hobby into a career in special effects industry  

A self-taught make-up artist who spends up to sixteen hours creating quirky and terrifying looks has become an online sensation.

Toma Skabeikyte, 28, from Lithuania has gained more than 3,000 followers on Instagram by using make-up and body paint to create petrifying optical illusions and re-imagined versions of the scariest villains from horror films.

The creative, who studied graphic design at a design college in Vilnius, was recently placed in the top 10 for NYX’s Face Awards Baltics 2018 and is hoping to make her hobby a profession by finding a job as a special effects expert. 

Pennywise the clown, a vintage doll and a face filled with clouds are among some of her most captivating looks.  

Toma Skabeikyte (pictured), 28, from Lithuania has gained over 3000 followers on social media for her terrifying optical illusions ranging from Pennywise (pictured) to Miss Piggy created using make-up and body paint

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Lithuanian make-up artist Toma took inspiration from Instagram illustrator Sergey X for an illuminated rainbow look, and used only 13 products to create the colourful visage 

Toma has mastered the floating head illusion made famous by Vancouver make-up artist Mimi Choi. The trick is to colour the beck to match the background you’re standing against 

Toma entered a beast look for NYX’s Face Awards Baltics 2018 after being inspired by fellow make-up artist Beata Prismont and placed in the top 10 

Toma recreated the rainbow tongue SnapChat filter with a hypnotizing open mouth for her second NYX entry

Toma used a selection of Paese cosmetics and products from NYX to create a fearful skull and leaves look 

Toma (pictured with her boyfriend) who has loved drawing since a young age believes makeup is one of the best ways for her to express herself

Toma took inspiration from fellow Instagram artist Angel makeup for a memorizing butterfly illusion with intricate detail 

Toma from Lithuania created a bejeweled pink skull lady using a combination of NYX and Paese cosmetics

Toma took inspiration from Mimi Choi for a face with a peeling love mask using more than twenty products

Toma received a flood of praise for her impression of Miss Piggy for her Halloween 2017 celebrations 

Toma was rated in the top 20 of an NYX competition for this vintage doll look and hopes to build a career in the special effects industry 

Toma revealed one makeup look with small details took her over 24 hours. This cloud design was also submitted to her NYX awards entry

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