Multi Million Dollar Miami Penthouse Came With A Pink Diamond

One multi-million dollar Miami Penthouse came with a rare pink diamond, worth six-figures.

It is a billionaire’s dream penthouse, but there is a little bonus to the person who dropped $39 million for the property. A gift of a rare pink diamond valued at around $500,000 was tossed in as a gift of good measure. Yep, it is like a welcome home and a thank you gift all rolled up into one.

According to Forbes, the amazing penthouse is in the Regalia, royal emblems or insignias, building in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. It is a whopping 17,000 square feet and three stories with crown jewels galore in the décor.

This penthouse is fit for a queen! There are six bedrooms, two of which are master suites. A luxurious living room with a floating cantilevered stone staircase and a gorgeous antique Ilanel bronze chandelier centerpiece. The chandelier features 225+ floating glass pendants that emulating day rain or night constellations.


The master bathroom is 1500 square feet, with full-slab Calcutta Gold stonework that is pre-wired with a high-tech intelligence system. It gets better. The system in the bathroom controls remotely a large steam room, sauna, a Jacuzzi tub, and a towel-warming wall, all of which can be preset to the owner’s specifications.

On top of the penthouse is a private waterfall pool, with a balcony for privacy. Oh, and of course, it offers a stunning view of Miami! If that isn’t entertainment enough, there is also a wine cellar that will hold 1,000 bottles of wine, backlit smoky quartz bar lounge, a 1,100-square-foot game room and movie theater with 10 European-upholstered chairs.

The penthouse at the Regalia is considered the crème of the crop regarding luxury penthouses, which is why the developers threw in a rare pink diamond as a gift. Regalia Beach Developers believe the diamond reflects the rarity of the penthouse. After all, it is the second highest priced condo in all of Miami, and if someone is willing to buy it, of course, they should get a little something for their trouble right?

It took over three years to design this perfect penthouse which features only the finest, classiest, most eloquent interior decorations the highest technology and more amenities than one person could ever need.


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