Mum of Charlotte Brown wants to confront killer Jack Shepherd in Georgia jail

The mum of ­speedboat crash victim ­Charlotte Brown is ­desperate to fly to Georgia to confront her killer in jail.

Jack Shepherd, 31, is being held in Gldani prison – the toughest in the country – in the capital Tbilisi.

Charlotte’s mum Roz Wickens said: “I want to look him in the eye and ask him how Charlotte died.”

The Mirror yesterday visited the maximum security “Ministry of Corrections” jail, guarded by rolls of barbed wire and watchtowers.

Shepherd’s girlfriend, journalist Maiko Tchanturidze, 24, has yet to visit. She is the age Charlotte was when she died in December 2015.

Roz said: “He was the last person to see my beautiful daughter, so only he can tell the truth about what happened. I want to give him a chance to give an honest account.”

She said his claim Charlotte was at the boat’s helm was “a disgusting lie” from a “narcissist”, adding: “Again he was trying to save his skin.”

Members of his family have said they plan to visit him.

His lawyer Mariam Kublashvili said: “His father and sister have called a few times.” 

The web designer has taken into jail photos of his estranged wife, whom he married two months after the crash, and his two-year-old son. 

He also has copies of Pride and Prejudice and The Essential Kafka. 

He fled to Georgia last March and was jailed at the Old Bailey for six years in his absence six months ago.

Maiko, who has fled her home in Tbilisi, is said to be besotted, saying he is “the best person in the world”.

They posed for a picture during a mountain trip 100 miles north of Tbilisi in May and in October visited her family home, Kutaisi, in the west.

A witness, who gave evidence at the trial, cast doubt on his version of how Charlotte, of Clacton, Essex, died in the River Thames.

School sports coach Stacia Read, 38, said: “It sounded like there was something wrong with the boat. I saw one silhouette.

“I could hear him say, “Help, help, SOS”, but it was “me”, never “us”.

“If she was piloting, she’d have screamed. There was never a second voice.”

The Crown Prosecution Service is working on ­extraditing Shepherd, of Exeter, Devon, who handed himself in last week.

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