Mum perfectly hits back at troll who asks why she’s shared ‘ugly’ bikini snap

A mum has hit back at trolls who asked her why she share an 'ugly' bikini snap.

Influencer Brianna, known on Instagram as @briannas_day, took to site to share a nasty comment she got about one of her swimwear photos.

However, instead of worrying about it, the body positive star, who boasts, 24,500 followers, had the perfect response.

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The photo saw Brianna showing off her stomach in a black bikini as she happily raised her arms in the air.

One troll wrote on the snap: "That's so ugly, why did you do it? Did you think people were going to like it?

"Don't post images like that and don't wear bikinis."

Captioning the post, Brianna wrote: "'Why would you post that?'… Why not?

"Why does it bother you what a woman being authentic looks like? Why do you still feel so entitled to body shame?

"Why is it you think woman should only look a certain way? WHY do you have the boldness to tell me what I should/ shouldn’t wear?"

She added: "Before you ask me 'why', maybe ask your self a few bigger questions first.

"I have women message me all the time telling me that we have the exact same body & they have never seen anyone with their body type.

"Seeing people realise they ARE ‘normal’. Seeing people connect over it. Seeing women take their power back. That’s my why."

Fans were quick to support the mum on the post, as took to the comments section.

One wrote: "I thoroughly appreciate you breaking through the female conditioning we have all had put into our heads. You are wonderfully amazing and helping so many do the same."

While another added: "Saddened by people's negative comments & misconception about what is beautiful.

"Why can we all be proud & happy regardless of what our bodies have been through. Continue to be you & never stop loving your body. You inspire even those who pretend not to see you."

A third chimed in: "The fact that another human could say that…"

While a fourth told her: "You are beautiful, your body is perfect."

The post comes after Brianna previously took bikini pics exactly two years apart to show how her body has changed.


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