Mum who was called fat by Tinder date given £750 and offered dates by strangers

A mum who spent £93 travelling to meet a man off Tinder who she says dumped her for being fat, has received hundreds of pounds and even been offered dates – by total strangers.

Jade Savage, 28, set up the humorous GoFundMe page to recoup her costs which she said would be spent on 'wine and sticks of lards' following the disastrous date.

While size-14 Jade only wanted to recover her costs, donations so far have totalled £755 with other donors offering to take her out.

Chris Curtis donated £10 and told her "B*****s to men like that. I’d come to Leeds and take you out than have you take the train.

"Have a bottle of wine on me!"

The biggest single donation of £200 was made by someone called Tristan Piñeiro – the same name as the head of communications at dating website Badoo.

The donation came with a note that says: "Hi Jade – here's something towards your next, hopefully much better date.

"We think you'd be more successful on – so please contact us, and we'll set you up with a premium account. Look forward to hearing how you get on!"

The mum-of-one claimed she spent more than three hours travelling the 82 miles between Leicestershire and Peterborough only for the date to end in five minutes.

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