Mum’s easy clothes hanger hack speeds up laundry by hanging all shirts in one go

There's no doubt about it – laundry chores are up there with the most boring of all activities.

It is a never-ending task for most parents and so a mum-of-three has come up with a genius idea to save time on doing the job.

Carol Larson, from Canada, shared her laundry tip on TikTok and said it could speed up the mundane task in her daily life.

The mum-of-three first gathers all the T-shirts and loops her arm through the neckline of the garments at one time.

She then picks up the hanger and slides the garment down onto it without having to adjust the sleeves and neckline.

Once it's done, Carol puts them on the clothing rack and repeats so for the next T-shirt.

In this way, she doesn't need to pick up the top, readjust it and grab the hanger every time.

The mum-of-three said the hack is approximately three seconds faster per shirt.

"So if you have 60 shirts to put away, you just saved one minute of your life!" Carol added.

"Grab the hanger using the same arm and just slide your shirt down, then hang them up!"

Viewers were fascinated by Carol's method and said it helped to organised their wardrobe in less time.

One commented: "It's a lot faster. It's a lot less movements than one hanger at a home. You will see the difference when you have 10 shirts."

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"I tried this out and it's more fun to do," a mum agreed. "I'm so tired of the other way."

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